New for 2022 •MadDogz•

With a solid crew of 4 friends; we aren’t in any rush to “fill up”. But we are looking for quality members to join us as we journey to reach and compete in the Top 100s again.

For now, we are enjoying the relaxed pace our baby alliance provides. We are still slaying in wars, and just killed our 1st 5* titan :laughing:

If you’re looking for a good home to unwind, with good people and room to learn and grow, come chat with me!

Breaking from top alliance to start my own has been a rewarding experience so far. We are chill yet powerful — Drop me a line! palewhiteorc

Newly formed alliance comprised of top alliance/veteran players looking for a few new members to join us on our quest to reach and compete in the Top 100s.

We actively participate in all titans, wars, and events while maintaining a positive, supportive and chill atmosphere.

30+ MAXED 5*

Check us out! Line: palewhiteorc

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Great crew, great beginning, room to grow and fine-tune things you want without too much pressure. Let’s chat! line: palewhiteorc

Have at least 30+ maxed 5*, enough maxed 4* to participate in events, and have two sets of mana troops. Primary minimum 23+, secondary 17+. We will consider if you’re very close. :crossed_swords:

Crushing wars and on 12* titans already!

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