😜 New finley-kadC meta? how to break it! lets fight fire🔥 with love💚!

Hey all! :slight_smile:

new meta has arrisen (at least it is trying to):

finley - green - red - kadilenC - dark/holy

examples (in cup orders):
image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image


yes, you guessed right, all are from the same alliance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

how to beat it?
with mono green, bring some dodgers too :slight_smile: like this:

hope you liked the reading!


Can you figure how to beat it without asking for nerfs to other players hero’s? Asking for a friend




Seems like something that hasn’t been tested…Basically a guess. Or do you have actual data?



That would be perfect if you have all 6 teams for wars with a resurrector and a dodger for each team? Who has 6 resurrectors and 6 dodgers in their roster?


With the one and only Snow White :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The more crap those defenses cast the more SW will punish them, doesn’t work on mitsuko I guess :thinking:

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Mystic @rigs told me this would happen


Ever seen what Mitsuko does to Finley? If you haven’t, you should. It’s glorious.


I made an Insarnia+18 commit seppuku in the last rush war with my 4/52 Mitsy :rofl::rofl:

As you say, glorious indeed

Yep. Mitsuko lets Finley or most other ice heroes crap themselves. The question is, who has 6 maxed Mitsukos?

It’s grg center using zeline/frigg/ckad/Francine flanks with a finley wing. It’s worked quite well at suppressing offenses in war, and has produced better defensive results at the very top than the standard telly defenses.

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How people beat this is very roster dependent, my green team would lose the vast majority of the time against this setup. I prefer my yurple team instead - Onyx+9, tibs+20, rigs+18, mist+19, joon+11

The key with my team is debuffing/ preventing buffs with mist/onyx (yes I’m very lucky to have onyx, but other debuffers like ametrine, kage, panther, seshat, dom, etc would also work), cleansing with rigs, avoiding elemental links, and blinding the crap out of finley, zeline, what not. Win rate has been not bad considering how many 4*s I use haha.

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Hits against avengers it may help


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