NEW filters for Hero Roster and leveling Heroes – with sample UI design mockups - BETA UPDATE POST #42


They are trialling two additional Filters on the roster currently:

  1. Rarity
  2. Origin

Rarity obviously filters by 5*, 4*, 3* etc…

Origin filters by where the hero was summoned from. Season 2, Avalon, Christmas etc…

Also a small change (that I’ve noticed) is that for events/ quests with restrictions, the roster now shows all available options at the TOP rather than scattered throughout.


Huh? Lol, where am I? Lmao

What’s the point of filter by origins? So you can match for family traits?

Now that there is a reason to keep 3*'s and have depth on 4*'s, would it be possible to add a star level sort in the hero’s tab (under the up/down arrow) where is power, class, family. Once it is sorted by stars, the default would by color then by power within the color.

Just thinking and tryin to make things easier

thats actually insane, like the idea :slight_smile:

as our roosters get deeper, this type of sorting will become more valuable.

Nice work! I love the suggestion and will vote.

Not the update that I was hoping for roster filters. This suggestion is awesome, hopefully we get this, but this has been year ago, and not progress towards this kind of filtering.


but the rarity keeps the teams which IMO negates it usefulness.

I do Like that when restriction are in play the usable hero move to the top. Great move


I like your sorting system. My humble addition would be for a slider bar on one side of the roster to allow for faster scrollijg up and down the roster.
Once player get to over 100 heros it gets quite thumb intensive and a slider would reduce the fatigue.

Would be such an awesome system…

Now I wish for this, every time I check my hero roster.

This definitely gets my vote.
At least something like it.

Doesn’t Atlantis Rises event makes us all crave real bad for these UI improvements?

May be somebody mentioned it here. But if I leveling my hereos why there are no option to see only unlocked heroes? I do not wanna see all my 120+ heroes what are part of some team or locked. I wanna see only my feeders without long scrolling. THANK YOU!!!


Here’s my work-around to this (not a SG fix but a workaround)


That’s a good workaround, but it doesn’t solve the whole problem. When you have 4* trainers, or dupes from pulls, they will still require lots of scrolling to get to.

This is a great workaround before SG provides a fix, but my point was mostly to highlight that it isn’t sufficient to solve all the issues related to the current existing filters.

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This is also a very popular idea on Reddit:


I was about to suggest it, and found this post instead!
Amazing work!
I would just suggest to add a filter for classes
(Maybe even each sort category could be filtered by)
Anyway, I am up voting this

I have been wrestling with the lack of this filter for a while, until I decided to post about it. Low and behold, there was already several posts about this very thing! Please PleasePlease add this to your next update

I agree with this idea completely!! There does need to be other choices in the “Sort By” drop down list.

  • Sort by star level, and organized secondly by element, and thirdly to show which heroes are fully maxed and how leveled the other ones in that star grouping. It would make to determine which needs to be leveled up for certain events, quests, and challenges.

  • Sort by duplicate heroes which nothing has been done to level them. (Ones you haven’t even started on.)

  • Sort by heroes that need ascension items to get any further, so we can choose which hero we want to use those ascension materials on. This helps especially in the same element.

  • Sort by star so we can determine how many 3*, 4* and 5* teams we could have, and how powerful each team would be. It also helps to know what you NEED, as heroes go, and then try to attain them

  • Sort by the type of hero they are using their special properties. It could be arranged for all healers, (Melendor, Rigard, Wilburand more) snipers (Kage Barado, Lianna, Chao, Triton etc.) tanks, (Khagan, Leonidis, Boldtusk etc) Basically, if you are needing certain specials for raid tournaments or building a passive defense, those qualities are what you seek to build your team.

*Sort by specific heroes who have similar strike patterns, such as damage to all of the opponents, one opponent, or the target and nearby allies.

  • Sort by heroes similar abilities such as ones with buffs, dispel ailments, changes in abilities ( + 45% attack for allies, - 30% defense, mana building and decrease current mana, silencing opponent, deals % of damage back to attacker and so on). I feel that most of these additions would be better than some which are in place right now (rarity itself is still viewed through the power level, so THAT ASPECT doesn’t give a true evaluation so it’s a fairly pointless sorting method, especially when you don’t have a whole lot of heroes on your bench). I realize there would be some crossover, but it would still be helpful in each category for a player to make a decision in building your teams which are weaker and you need to use specific skills to make things work.

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