NEW filters for Hero Roster and leveling Heroes – with sample UI design mockups - BETA UPDATE POST #42


They are trialling two additional Filters on the roster currently:

  1. Rarity
  2. Origin

Rarity obviously filters by 5*, 4*, 3* etc…

Origin filters by where the hero was summoned from. Season 2, Avalon, Christmas etc…

Also a small change (that I’ve noticed) is that for events/ quests with restrictions, the roster now shows all available options at the TOP rather than scattered throughout.


Huh? Lol, where am I? Lmao

What’s the point of filter by origins? So you can match for family traits?

Now that there is a reason to keep 3*'s and have depth on 4*'s, would it be possible to add a star level sort in the hero’s tab (under the up/down arrow) where is power, class, family. Once it is sorted by stars, the default would by color then by power within the color.

Just thinking and tryin to make things easier

thats actually insane, like the idea :slight_smile:

as our roosters get deeper, this type of sorting will become more valuable.

Nice work! I love the suggestion and will vote.

Not the update that I was hoping for roster filters. This suggestion is awesome, hopefully we get this, but this has been year ago, and not progress towards this kind of filtering.

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