NEW filters for Hero Roster and leveling Heroes – with sample UI design mockups - BETA UPDATE POST #42

The OP hasn’t been on the Forum since April, so I amended the title, thanks! :heart_decoration:


Totally missed that!

You rock @zephyr1


+1 vote, very good design simple UI and great feature.


Excellent mock up and ideas!! Got my vote!!


I`m here! Thanx for changing the title )


Hey, welcome back! :slight_smile:

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What I really like about this specific UI overhaul of the hero roster is that all the essential buttons are there and at a glance you can see what you have.
Additionally the ‘marked’ button allows for unlimited expansion to the filters!
Under that marked button, I suggest having a way to mark or tag heroes by:

  • preferred usage (war/defense/offence)
  • ability (heal, buff, debuff, striker)
  • mana speed

there also should be a reverse order button,
and a way to lock/unlock teams as suggested here

and on the subject of hero rosters, I really think you should be able to view your alliance mates rosters and base layouts as detailed here

Absolutely love this!

20 filters

I was just about to post a similar idea and found this. Fantastic UI. I would also like an added

option to hide a hero

It could be placed next to the Lock button in the top left of the card. Those heroes get their own page where they can be viewed and made visible again.

Mainly for the countless 5* we refuse to feed away and heroes one never use anymore as you grow stronger.

Then again SG, give us mats for these heroes we’ve spend our hard earn cash on and while you’re at it an option to strip them too. Like reset buttons for emblems. One can dream.

Love it!hope developers see it and adapt the design!

One more vote for it. It would be fantastic. I think it is more needed than the confusing costume plans.:sweat_smile:

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No reaction. So sad.:cry: :sob:

Omg this is genius! Another for this design.

Absolutely love this, very well done !!! Makes life just a little easier with regards to organisation.
I hope the Devs are reading and watching this thread and pay you royalties for when it’s implemented.

This is best. :wink:

I am amazed by this idea and how unreponsive the devs have been to this

…and it’s not that hard to implement. :sad:

Another vote for this. Great UI! Came here to search for exactly this and here it is…nice work…nice suggestion.

Wow, the concept is really very very interesting. I vote for this feature. :+1: Nevertheless, I was also thinking of adding a cursor to the right to better scroll through the list without having to scroll to go down the page. :thinking:

Excellent idea. Only part make less work for the dev team, is when leveling a hero, you dont need the extra tabs for selecting same color 1 or 2* heros. With your current system I would just check blue and the appropriate stars. As it is now, I dump all 1* heros into my lowest heros regardless of color since high level heros get practically no benefit from them. When my roster is full, I scroll through and try count which *level and colors I want to use to upgrade. Then I scroll through heros. THIS WOULD BE A BLESSING to have… :smile:


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