NEW filters for Hero Roster and leveling Heroes – with sample UI design mockups - BETA UPDATE POST #42

Hi everyone! I’ve been playing E&P for 3 month and like this game, but! I feel that Hero roster and leveling heroes could be orginized much better. Sorting button is good, but it’s not enough at all. I`ve read several topics here where people «sick of scrolling endlessly while leveling my heroes» (@Sanni ), or «It would be amazing to have a way to filter through our heroes, especially when we are feeding 1*/2* heroes to level up heroes» (@Badkins ), etc and totally agree with them. So! I see the solution in additional filters, where you can choose such parameters as level (maxed or not maxed heroes), stars, elements and choose 2 or 1 stars same colored heroes when leveling.
For clarity I’ve designed that filters and they might look something like this:

1st row is the main filter. Here you can choose what level type of heroes you want to see - all, maxed (mean the totally maxed heroes with any stars) or marked (heroes that you mark by yourself. Instead of “Marked” button it could be the “New” button which shows only new heroes).

2nd row is the filter by stars. It`s no need to explain, i think :slight_smile: All stars button pressed by default. Below that row you can see the number of appropriate heroes.

3rd row is the filter by elements. Similar to filter by stars.

That filters won`t take so much space, so fully screen with default settings would look something like this:

How does it works?
Imagine that we want to see only 5 stars heroes with ice elements and any level. Ok, very easy and visually. Just choose 5 stars, ice element and you will see the result (what’s great that you can see how many 5 stars heroes in each elements you have without scrolling and finding them by hands!):

For example we want to add Nature heroes to our list. Just click on the appropriate button:

Horgalls stay between our blue stars heroes just bocause of sorting (it works too).

Ok, but what about leveling heroes? I`ve designed it too! Imagine that we want to level up our Kiril. By default the screen might look something like this:

First of all I moved down the row with meat the icon to save the spase. Next I added 2 buttons which could really save the time with feeding 2 or 1 stars same colored heroes. Below that I located same filters, but may be they are over here, so without them it might look something like this:

But what’s great in previous version that you can see how many 2 or 1 stars same colored heroes you already have! There is no need to count 10 heroes by hands and scrolling, you can see it just by 2 clicks raight away! Here you are (14 blue heroes with 2 stars):

Thank you for reading :wink: I would be very interested to know what do you think about my visual suggestions?

P.S. Sorry for my English, it might be bad, but I hope you`ve understod everything well )

Great suggestions! The only thing I would say is that it seems the sorting icons for colors and rarity are a bit small for a typical phone screen, but I really like the idea and the proposed format of the user interface. Good job!


You’re right, ideas and frustrations about the roster organization come up often — but this is so far the only UI mock-up I’ve seen someone put together.

Nicely done!

I’m just linking the thread you mentioned that @Sanni created and @Badkins commented in so the forum software will connect the posts for reference, and so others interested can read them:


Amazing job on the design, it looks great! I fully support this idea since the current inventory is getting more and more unwieldy as they add new heroes. I’d also add filters for class, but your idea is vastly superior to the current system.


This is really amazing Max_Well!!! I love it.


Love the suggestion and fully support, even if it is only partially enabled i.e. the first screen in the mock-up. Wonderful job


Reasonable remark, i thought about it. In that case colors and rarity strokes have to split in half so they will take much more space and it will decrease an amount of shown heroes. Another solution with bigger icons is to add a slider, but it won`t be as visual as my first suggestion so user have to always click on left or right to see the whole picture.


And here I was about to suggest something very similar :). My thoughts are that having the separator bar, circled below, have drop-down filter menus that sit next to the sorting button.

My tablet isn’t nearly as nifty in creating artwork as you did lol.

You could then decide to:

  • Sort (first button)
  • Filter by Color (second button)
  • Filter by Star (third button)
  • See only non-Favorites (checkbox)
  • Clear all (button)

Plus, the game would save your last view, so that you could go back in as necessary. This helps not only during Leveling, but also War and Events.

Small edit: using drop-down buttons on the separator bar would help eliminate excess screen real estate, as has been mentioned by some phone users. It would also keep 90% of the screen layout the same, which would be easier for programmers.


This would be a nice feature, totally support this!!


This or something like it would be amazing.


I think it`s one of important update for now in UI. Hope that developers see our suggestions or may be they already know about that and prepare own origional deciosions in future updates.


This is an amazing job. Well done. Perfect.

Ideas like this one makes game better.

Te doy mis dieses tío. :wink:


Can we get an option in the hero roster to ONLY display 1* and 2* heroes and all others greyed out?

I save up my feeder heroes until I can used them in groups of 10 and I would like to go into the roster and at a glance see if its time for a leveling. It does take a moment to find the cut off from 3*'s no matter what sorting option is used and would rather save that fraction of a second every time. It sounds small but its surprising how often I do a quick check at my roster and want to do so without having to process anything.

  • ‘Feeder only’ option (1* and 2* only)
  • ‘unleveled only’ which would only display heroes that never were given any experience
  • sub filters that can check on or off in addition to sorting by power/element/name/class.
  • sort by # of *'s
  • More than one favorite option on a hero such as war/defense/offence
  • Sort by ability (heal, buff, debuff, striker) and heroes with those tags would be sorted on top
  • A reverse order option

Since people might freak out if most of their roster was not displayed at all if they dont realize they have a filter on by accident, have the filters put prioritized heroes at the top and all others greyed out not in the criteria.


Superb ideas.Any news on this?

Please SmallGiant, implement this. Would be not too much work but having a great effect.

At least pls start by “sort by rarity”

Thx anyway.


Filter for Mana speed would be great, too.


Filtering for 1* or 2* feeder heroes might not be enough for players at a higher level, as TC 12, 13 and 20 might produce 3* heroes (and higher) that will never be needed, as well as summons. Perhaps an option to filter by locked/unlocked characters would work better?


This is amazing! I really hope they put something like this into the game. It would be so convenient. Voted!


I went to post an idea about filters and saw this thread, which I had missed back in January. Great idea and UI mockup. Make it so, SGG!


I missed it too and it needs to happen! Current sort system is :poop: since it still jumbles everything together but just in another order

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These are amazing.

I would encourage you to some how draw people’s attention by changing your title

Perhaps " including multiple graphics of sample menus "


And the mock-up quality is incredible.


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