New fighter hero idea

So my son thought of an idea for a new hero that he thought would be cool and so I figured I’d post it up here and see what happens.

Anyways, his idea was to have a hero that’s attack power increased as it’s health decreased. And if it was down to 1hp it would have some crazy amount of power. The hero would be a sniper/single hit type.

That would be gosseck, unless you mean increasing in the attack stat

I support a 4* fighter hero that’s a mini-Goseck.

  • Mana Speed: Slow OR Average
  • Special Skill:
    ** Deals 240% damage to the target.
    ** The damage is increased the less health the caster has, up to 480% in total.

Honestly, they coulda made G.Jackal this if they weren’t cowards. Or something, Idk. It wouldn’t shock me if they manage to produce 2 more Gosecks somewhere that isn’t Gargoyles or a shadow-update to S1 family.

Goseck, yep, I figured there was a hero like this already.

Yeah, a 4* average speed mini version of goseck would be fun.