New features that I want made in the game

First of all, I am translating this message in Turkish language with google translate. I hope there is a correct translation. I am reading your messages with this translation.
Friends who have nice ideas similar to my suggestions, please support.
Recommendation 1
Defense in battles 1-Defense 2-Defense 3, let’s make at least 6 defenses according to the war. Rechargeable defenses are active as the opponent kills us. This will bring difference.
Recommendation 2
Available and useful in […]. When our connection is gone in the game, the game should continue to the automatic game, when our connection comes, let’s continue directly back.
Recommendation 3
When we click on the profile of our friends in the Clan, it would be nice to see about your heroes.
Recommendation 4
Attack our team-mates in the clan, or either click on the game you want on the map and watch it on the audience screen, then let’s comment on our friend.
Remember, we see something missing as an actor and sometimes it gets boring.

Please write in the international sections of this forum in English - and only in English.
Instead of writing in Turkish and asking others to use a translator, you should use a translator yourself.


1- it would be interesting to have 6 different defense team in a stack to be attacked. but i guess this should be another war type in addition to regular alliance wars. also there should be practice wars which we face against our own alliance.

2- apparently they deliberately not introducing a reconnect feature to prevent abuse.

3- watching others is one of the most wanted features and i agree. but i don’t see it happening for real-time watching since this will require SG to completely rewrite their system. but it could be easily done as recording the moves (not as a video, recording the meta data & basic move log to send to the server, then in game player downloads this max 10K data to play locally)

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First of all, the google translation of Turkish is fine here. I understand it perfectly (however see note on #2) below:

Recommendation 1: Having six unique defenses during war, rather than just one.

This idea already exists:

New Type of Team War

Please vote there if you like the idea.

Recommendation 2: (I did not understand …please explain)

Recommendation 3: Click on friend’s avatar/picture to see their heroes

You can already do this, if you can find the alliance of your friend. Search the alliance, click the avatar of your friend and you will see their current raid defense heroes. Do you mean, you want to see all of their heroes?

Recommendation 4: [practice fight] team-mates or map sections.

This also already exists:

Practice Battles or Raids Against Teammates in Alliance [MASTER]

Technically, even though near impossible but still possible, war defense can be destroyed up to 8 times.

Suppose it is 30 vs 30 (180 flags)

Destroy the weakest base (#1)
Wait 6 hour
Destroy the weakest base again (#2)
Wait 10 hour
Destroy all bases (reset) 5 times (#3, #4, #5, #6, #7)
Destroy the weakest base again (#8)

That all need at least 153 flags, remaining flags are 27 at most thus disabling another reset.

Suggestion 2 answers The game will automatically continue playing for you when the connection is gone while playing in the game just like in […].
When reconnection occurs, it gives the chance to save energy or attack.

For suggestion 3, I would like to see all the heroes on the account, not the 5 heroes.

For suggestion 4 For example, you are raiding, I would like to see everything you do as a spectator by clicking on your profile and chatting with you from there.

[Mod note: I removed the other game name per #forum-rules. You have now explained it perfectly. :+1:]

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1 Wouldn’t it be nice to design different defenses instead of trying again when Defense has a strength of 4500 and reset it?

Few days ago I actually talk about defense system that a hero can only be used once just like war attack/taverns attack in the tavern thread.

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I now understand what you mean.

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Hi all, what you think about a feature that allows you to swop hereos between alliance members? And adding to that, sending and recieving op items (gems, emblems, material’s etc.)

This will allow not just for personal growth but also alliance as a team, and all new players joining the game???

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I think I’m on to something big here guys…
I speak for Alliance True MisFitS
How about a Trading Post where we can trade battle items or heros for gold and food or more …
Maybe even global trade?
A way to move forward when lacking goods… Who’s with me on this?

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