New Features for Alliances

This game would probably be much better and much more fun if it had a “Trade” feature.

Too many people are complaining about not having enough ascension items, because those items are far too rare to come across, and are not available for purchase. Too much time and effort invested into playing, with little to no progress. So, a “Trade” feature, would be great to have, and would probably encourage players to play more often and be happier with their progress, and not get frustrated to the point where they are no longer interested in the game, and have decided to stop playing and delete it.

A “Trade” feature, means being able to trade a limited number of items per month, amongst the players within an alliance. Such as, unleveled and un-ascended heroes, unleveled troops, gems, general items, battle items, ascension items and loot. In order to prevent this feature from getting out of control, maybe the game can put a limit of one trade per month for each player who is currently a member of an alliance, with a limit of maybe 10 items per trade period.

There are so many players who have far too much of some items, but not enough of the others, and there are those who have very little of certain things, which others have far too much of.

It might not increase the rate of progress for players by too much, but it would help with little things, like acquiring 1 or maybe 2 extremely rare items, which they have not been able to find for a very, very long time. To finally be able to ascend that 4-star or 5-star hero to it’s next ascension level, which they have been trying to do for so many months. To finally acquiring a much needed hero of a specific element.

It would be a nice little feature to have, to help give a tiny boost to those who are struggling.

My idea/suggestion, would include the following:

1 trade per month, but only with the players within their alliance.
The limit, would be a total of 10 items per trade period. Every trade period would last for a limit of 24 hours before the trade period ends for the month.

Items would include:
Un-leveled and un-ascended Hero’s - limit 2 per trade, with a limit of only 1, 3 star, 4 star or 5 star hero. 3 star, 4 star and 5 star hero’s, would have a limit of 1 trade per every 3 trade periods.
Un-leveled troops - limit 2 per trade, with a limit of 1, 3 star or 4 star troop. 3 star and 4 star troops, would have a limit of 1 trade per every 3 trade periods.
Regular hero tokens - limit 2 per trade.
Epic hero tokens - limit 1 per trade per every 3 trade periods.
Epic troop tokens - limit 1 per trade per every 3 trade periods.
General items - limit 2 per trade.
Battle items - limit 2 per trade.
Loot - limit 2 per trade.
Ascension items - limit 2 per trade per every 2 trade periods.
Ingredients - limit 4 per trade.
Gems - Limit 10 per trade.
Food and iron would not be included in the trade.

If a feature, such as a “Trade” were to be implemented, then I believe the game would greatly increase it’s gameplay and popularity amongst players, and perhaps would give some comfort to those players who are struggling and very much in need of certain items.

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