[New Feature] World Based Titan


I’ve been wondering why there’s not such a thing as a World monster/boss we all should cooperate to slay it, there are so many options in order to work out this around and benefits for all. The concept is pretty simple and it has worked in all the MMOs I’ve played so far.

World based Titan

  • Concept: titans with massive amount of health and unique skills, active (damage, debuffs…) or passive (damage over time, slower mana…), to withstand a massive amount of attacks and put some flavor into the challenge.

  • World Titans: the star system can be used with this feature aswell, increasing the World Titans stars will increase their reward, but also the challenge. As long as the difficulty escalates along with every new star I don’t think we are going to need any new star in near future.

  • World Titan Flags: there are many ways to address this aspect of the feature, considering the amount of active players there’s in the game I think 2 flags (1 for Mon-Wed, 1 for Thur-Sun) per World Titan is more than enough, although this can be worked around based on the amount of health each World Titan would have.

  • Rewards: I’d maintain the ranking system of regular titans, maintaining the %s for each rank as there’s going to be way more than just 30 players attacking. How should it work? instead of calculating individual’s damage made I’d make it Alliance based damage, so when the titan has been slayed it should calculate the amount of damage made by all the members of an alliance and rank it based on the % of total damage made. All members of an alliance, who have contributed, should receive the same reward.


Constructive feedback will be very much appreciated, don’t hesitate to post any idea you may have about this concept! Thank you for your time.

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