[New Feature, Wiki] Loot tickets- how to activate, collecting, uses- save world energy- Updated 2018-May-29

[New Feature, Wiki] Loot tickets- how activate, collecting, uses

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You collect your daily loot ticket when you collect your daily gems.

[space for ticket drops]

You cannot activate loot ticket from inventory.

On eligible Story province stages ( ones you have completed at least once ) there is a new “Auto win” button located in the lover left of the screen with the “Fight X” button ( lower right ) where X is the World energy costs of the stage ( same cost using a loot ticket, auto play, replay or manual play ). Would be nice if the Devs changed it to “Auto Win X” so energy use was more apparent. Yes, most F2P mobile game tickets cost energy to use. It’s a business model, you can not use tickets ( they cannot force you ) or rage quit ( my last Empires related rage quit was whiffing three War Energy).

Update May-29
The game now includes your loot ticket total above the “Auto win” button.

Thanks for the screen shots Rook. Only took me 30 minutes of futile search in game before I thought to check your screen shots. Gryphonkit, my wife, also didn’t see it ( human perception is a fascinating subject).

-Timing alliance energy refill from leveling up.
-Using refilled World energy after leveling up.
-Middle of the night wake up ( child, titan hit, restroom etc. ).
-Phone battery over heating.
-Farming province stage for increased loot that normally needs battle items ( looking at you Wanted Fire mission chest and Hardwood lumber craft items ).
-Hoarding for Season 2.
-Hoarding because they are too rare to use. My preecciioouus.
-Having Fun. It is s game.

-Saving world energy wasted due to a leveling refill:

23-11 is 2,837 XP for 7 WE.
Using 3 loot tickets MDB used 21 WE, got 8,511 XP, and triple loot before leveling and refill.
Without loot tickets MDB would use 7 WE, waste 14+ WE, got 2,837 XP and single loot before leveling and refill.

Fast Lane Pack from the shop

Note: one pack costs 1400g and includes three 3* Trainers ( RGB ) the second is only 1200g and includes two 3* Trainers ( YP ). Both include 30x loot tickets & 5x World energy flasks.


So where is the loot ticket? Still can’t see it. Yes, I have VIP.

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So, can someone confirm does it fills monter chest or it doesn’t?

It does. I used one of my tickets last night to personally confirm.


Thanks :slight_smile:

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It floats up, along side your daily gems. Did you collect your daily gems yet?

Once you collect it, it shows up with energy flasks & Summon tokens under

Inventory >> General.

I went batshit crazy when after I ran the new update and went on to farm my first province, only to find out that the ‘Replay’ wasn’t there and I was being taken out back to the map after every run… I just about lost it… I saw the new loot ticket feature and wasn’t sure about its usefulness. But I felt betrayed by the fact that they would add this feature but remove the basic and already existing feature of replay from the same screen after you complete the stage… Well I was ecstatic to find out how quickly they fixed that problem… And I’m so glad they did, thanks devs. Now we get the best of both worlds I think. Collect, hoard and use the tickets at your discretion but also do the tradition farming method. What’s not to like ?

I like the fact that they give them away for free and that we can collect them. They don’t come with a use it or lose it policy that I’m aware of so that makes it very desirable for me now. You know those moments when you can’t waste time and you just want to complete some stages for the reasons you mentioned above. It’s freaking awesome ! The only real question now is, what’s going to be the drop rate for these things ? Will we get them with almost every chest or will they be another rare item, oh gawd let’s hope not as we already have plenty of those…


It’s freaking awesome? That’s one take.

How about: why is this item a thing at all? Why isn’t this just a built in feature?

Answer: because it presents a way for SG to make some extra money along the way.

So no, this will not be a common item. I would gladly bet $100,000 on that right now. Yesterday they were selling a package with 30 loot tickets in it for some stupid amount of money. They’ll offer them as throw-ins for random packages knowing that their user base values their convenience.

But that’s the pathetic part of this sad joke. We would value that convenience without having to pay for it. Sadly plenty of people will be plenty happy to pay for these items along the way.

You’re right that players can still situationally benefit from this item, but I would argue strongly that that is a poor compromise and that the players here should be outraged.

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I totally understand where you’re coming from and I mostly agree with everything… The only reason I’m not outraged is because the old method still remains an option… Whether they’ll sell them or not, what can I say. These are company men and it’s all about the bottom line. Are you really that surprised ? I choose to ignore that fact and focus on the positive side, that is, I may get them for free from time to time to supplement my gameplay. I’m ok with that, and if they afford me some additional flexibility from time to time, all the better… Can’t do much about those willing to pay for them. In reality, it wont get you that much closer to anything, when it comes down to it. You’ll be right back on the same boat the following week or month all over again, so it will turn into yet another expensive nasty habit. Many will learn the hard way…

Also, did you say they were selling these already ? Where ? I didn’t see anything…


By that logic, summons, shortening wait times, Winter calendar and Spring calendar should be removed.

The loot tickets are another way the Devs can support a F2P MMO that costs real money to program, develo, buy art assets, run storage and servers. One of the reasons you get a free daily ticket with a VIP Pass.

You don’t need loot tickets to play a F2P MMO, but they are cool loot in many F2P MMOs. I am glad Devs added them to Empires.

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I added a photo to the top post.

It appears to be a random offer, in the shop, similar to the energy drink pack.

Edit: That Trainer 3* is red. It could be handy for testing Blizzard versus Defense stat. :thinking:

Summons - these are loot boxes. There are pros and cons to this modern piece of gaming. I don’t love them in theory, but we do agree devs gotta get paid, so their existence is understandable.

I’m not sure what winter and spring calendar are. I really have no idea.

Shortening wait times- while waiting I can shut off my phone and wait.

There are a lot of ways in which the game is monetized. Bordering on the absurd.

This “feature” IS better than not having anything, in most ways.

The only way it isn’t is when you consider that this doesn’t need to be a paid feature. It really doesn’t. We can compare all of the different “features” and aspects that are paid or free… most of the paid features involve making your team better.

This feature is just literally “free up your device for a couple extra minutes” or save some time where you need to use data or have your phone on.

Personally I consider it a slap in the face that they’re selling this.

It’s fine that you don’t but I’m pretty sure they could sell you anything at this point and you would just say “well they gotta get paid.”

New feature upcoming!!!

Now you don’t have to ascend your heroes!

But you can only use heroes that are fully ascended to participate in alliance wars!

Unless you have WAR GREAVES to equip on your heroes! That’ll let any of them attack.

OH and buy them now they’re on SPECIAL SUPER QUICK ALLEY DEAL 100 for just 10,000 gems!!

Ah, interesting… What can I say ? Does it bother that they treat us like cattle ? Money mines? Sure, it’s a little annoying that they try to squeeze every dollar they can. However, I can’t really blame them. That’s what they do for a living, they put out a desirable product and it’s up to us to decide how we choose to engage. Some might see this pack and think it’s an awesome deal because it’s exactly what they needed/wanted and are willing to pay for it. Seriously though, all we have to do is ignore it… Those trainers though :rofl::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m feeling very hypocritical as I was one of those snatching up “deals” like this to “fast track” my roster. Hey I learned my lesson…

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My other F2P MMO “BoH” only has challenge event loot boxes. Legendary training heroes are just bought with hero tokens. Higher level heroes cost more tokens.

Instead of doing the challenge event loot box you can just use gems to buy the challenge event items in the shop. Example: Guinevere can be gotten randomly from the Knights loot box or bought for 90k gems or bought for 9k grails. Grails drop during he Knight event. If you are short some Grails, you can buy the difference with gems. “BoH” is doing badly because the Devs cannot create content fast enough.

I hate the Challenge Event summons, so I only do a single 300g summons ( no Saragossa this time ), but it slows down the majority of the players so they don’t get all the 4* and 5* Heroes immediately while also making the Devs enough money to pay the salaries, rent, storage and servers.

Updates include

Trick when leveling ,
Best places for leveling trick,

Second type of Fast Lane Pack

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Hmmm… the trick when levelling is interesting. You could also do that without the loot tickets but you’d probably find yourself using a few consumables. So that’s a cool trick for saving some consumables, situational, but cool.

LOL. I’ve got 31 of these tickets. I’ll never spend them on that trick. Still waiting for a better way to use them. Season 2? We’ll see, we’ll see.

That’s not how the trick works.

If you PLAYED 23-11 you would level after 7 WE. Losing 14 WE.

Because the Loot tickets count as 21 WE, you use all 21 WE, get the XP & loot from 21 WE and then level.

23-11 is 2,837 XP for 7 WE.
Using 3 loot tickets MDB used 21 WE, got 8,511 XP, and triple loot before leveling and refill.
Without loot tickets MDB would use 7 WE, waste 14+ WE, got 2,837 XP and single loot before leveling and refill.

This is how to do it without loot tickets:


Oh wow. I get it now. The key element that I didn’t get with this trick is that you can use -multiple- tickets at once!

I just tried it at 98% from lvl and with full WE. Did 4 23-11’s spending 4 loot tickets in one single BAM. Got a nice large lootbag, and lvled. Very yummie powerlevel.

That is a very useful trick indeed. Thanks for the explanation!


Do you know if the extra EXP got rolled over or did you just get enough EXP to level then it resets to 0?

You keep all the XP. Which is nice if you end up close to levelling with a lot of world energy. The tickets mean you don’t have to miss out on potential gains of experience and resources by wasting energy due to poor timing.

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