Idea for this is more of a premium feature (to expand SG options to earn money, so they dont go completely ridiculous with hero portals with power creep stats).

  • NEW BUILDING ( it could also be alliance excavation camp)

  • each level of excavation camp, you can hire additional worker (cost troops, food, iron). Each worker increases chance of further progress into the digging site(discovery). Longest possible time until discovery is 30 days, shortest 3 days.

  • craft and improve mining tools to be able to be able to get better rewards (costs small amount of gems) // tools have a chance to shatter. More workers, bigger chance for tools to break.

  • EACH DISCOVERY offers different experience ( a quest, a puzzle, a boss fight, break enough stones of a chosen element before time runs out, etc… You can repeat this level once a day, until you succed

  • Before entering some lvls, you must put 3-5 elements into correct order /magically sealed place), or you have to wait 4 hours to try again.

  • enemies are beaten heroes/ monsters who were already beaten / but since we disturbed their sleep, they get reanimated stronger., as well as some new ones.

  • Since we are digging, board doesnt have many elemental tiles (harder), but mostly black stones (who dont generate mana - usefull item is scroll of alteration for changing black stones into elemental stones), which you can only match 3. (harder to build specials).

  • Ruins also fight back (after 1-3 turns, ruins casts protection spells - fireballs, water magic, etc,…

  • Rewards can be hero tokens from fallen monsters (new 3 and 4* heroes), which you have to collect from 5-10 to be able to revive them + you need to pay some emblems from their chosen class.

  • Chances for other rewards includes : ancient battle items, all current coins for hero portals, talent braces (unlocks lvl 1 talent of hero, gets disabled when hero comes to and end with lvls and unlocks manualy 1 talent, secret vanilla alternative skins (without champion, but also for 5 star season 1 champions!), shards of legendary items, explained here (: Heroes equipment), stashes of food/ iron, ingredients etc,…

  • Each progression into Dungeon has a chance to potentialy increase in rewards.

  • Excavation site also have COLLAPSE risk - the harder you dig continuosly, the cnances of collapse increases (this favours f2p heroes, who cant invest as much // reduce intensity of digging for a bit for the site to stabilize more). If excavation site collapses, you can wait for workers to dig it out (takes from 20-40 days) or pay gems to repair the damage and continue where you left.

Who wanna dig and find out all the SG secrets? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit :

For season 1, the ruins would be Dark Lords temple
For season 2, the ruins would be in depths of Atlantis ( under water levels)
For season 3, you could explore nordic ruins

This would give a feel of continuity after you finish all your buildings in Town and you have something new to focus and expand :slight_smile:

Simply implement this instead of that stupid ninja Tower and we are all set. I like this idea a lot.

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Happy to hear that! :slight_smile:

Good day.
Do you need new events / quests? There are already too many of them, do you work at all?
But this is not even the question, new events are added, and the energy is at the same level, as well as consumables. We already have monthly events, ninja towers, taverns, costumes, and today there will be mystical titans. Here you have to think about increasing the amount of energy and increasing the amount of resources that fall on the cards, otherwise it feels like it will soon be very difficult to collect consumables for all events in the game.

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Idea for this feature is not only new feature but also :

  • expand different types of ingame features to add real variety (which require different approaches and a thought or two more) // taversn, customes, trials, titans, season events, tournaments, mythic titans,… differences are mostly marginal, few tweaks here and there

  • option for SG to expand their revenue which is currently build around only from hero portals/ power creep

  • introduce more rare type items (legendary shards which can be crafted into items, talent bracers & ancient alternative costumes). In another thread I am proposing also hero growing temple // having them feels real privilege and excitement similar as when you pull really good hero.

  • introduce different types of puzzles… EMPIRES&PUZZLES remember? :slight_smile:

Again, while I agree, there are many events in schedule already, I find it to really lack diversity of them and depth in game. Things that keep you pulled in for longer and provide better meaning. And besides, if you dont wish to do some event/ feature, you arent forced to do it :slight_smile:

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