[New Feature] Raid mission avatars

[New Feature] Raid mission avatars

My only new raid mission is Raid Mastery- Win 75 raids in Silver Arena or higher with reward being Renfeld avatar.

Do players in higher arenas ( gold, platinum, diamond ) have different missions?
Do players in bronze have different missions?

I’m in the Diamond Arena, and I have the same new raid mission.

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The question is @Alberto1 does it fill if you defeat diamond people? :grin:

Yes, it’s filled by Silver or higher. I’m quite sure that, after you complete the Silver mission, you’ll get a Gold mission, then Platinum, then Diamond.

I defeated only diamond players and I filled it.
The mission is “win 75 raids in Silver Arena or higher”.

Silver is 600+ cups, btw

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Just completed it but I have not noticed yet which avatar is a new one. Forgot to verify first :smiley:

Could you tell me please? Thanks

After you get Renfield, a new Mission appears.
Win 100 in Gold or better - for an even better Avatar :wink:

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What avatars come after?

Cause so far I see Renfeld, then Tuck, and then I think Quintus?

Is there anything presentable coming up at all? :scream_cat:

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I really don’t see how an image of Friar Tuck could be considered a reward. Throw in Azlar and then we’re in business.


Yes, Azlar would be my other choice.

Maybe around Easter, some bunny avatars could become available? I’m still hoping there’s a spring calendar similar to what we had in December, so that would be a great place for a bunny avatar. I’m still using the :snowman_with_snow:

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There’s quite a few cool possibilities. Idk why they chose Tuck lol.

I’d pick something out of these personally:

3*: Ulmer, Prisca, Azar, Hawkmoon, Kailani

4*: Tiburtus, Colen, Scarlett

5*: Elkanen, Horghall, Kadilen, Domitia, Obakan, Azlar, Justice

And the HotM heroes.

The ones I’d actually like to have and use sometimes (cause it ain’t Horghall, even though I think he’d make a nice reward-avy for some) would be:

Hawkmoon, Azar, Colen, Scarlett, Domitia, Kadilen and Justice :grin:

Certainly not Friar Tuck :rofl:


Domitia is the next one after Frier Tuck.

Via someone in my alliance who knew that I was waiting/ looking for a girl avatar.


where’s Richard? 0000000

“We’ve seen the last of good king Richard…”

~Steely Dan

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Thanks! I thought Quintus cause it was the only new one I spotted on the top 100 ladder. Or was Quintus always there and he’s just so uninteresting I didn’t notice? :grin:

Quintus is prolly the last one? The one you get from winning in diamond arena.

Quintus as a final prize would be a real kick in the pants. Nothing says “hey, look what I did” like an avatar resembling a nutty professor that just stuck the wrong something into a light socket.


There’s usually five tiers of mission levels, and Quintus is reported as the fourth, so with luck there may be a final one who might not be such a disappointment.

But the first quest was Silver+, so the next is Gold, then Platinum, then Diamond. Four total. Unless the fifth is doing some huge number of Diamond raids?

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