New feature proposal: timeflow slowdown on titan cascades

Every player loves getting a great score on a titan hit. Unfortunately, titan timeframe is short and every second counts if you want to make the most of it. High titan damage is based on the stacking of high attack strong color heroes against it. Specials matter less (in terms of damage) against titans. Specials are crucial to boost attack and lower defenses, so tiles will have an augmented effect, but not for thw damage they inflict. So it’s all about tiles (supported by buffs and debuffs) when it comes to titan damage.

We all had it happen to us, when least wanted and expected, unending off color cascades. Titan skill animation is time consuming and everyone hates it. But an off color cascade might take far longer and also charges the titan’s special, resulting in another waste of time, waiting for the special skill’s animation to unfold, while doing virtually no damage at all. So how about slowing down timeflow while tiles are cascading, slowing it further and further the more matches are generated. This way precious seconds could be saved and put to good use, soon as the cascade stops and timeflow reverts to nominal value.

An almost similar request was made here some time ago:

Yes, they are kind of similar up to a point, as they target the same outcome: gaining time against titans. But as far as I saw, those threads are dedicated to solving special skills animamations during titan attacks. This here thread aims to find viable solutions to minimize the inconvenience caused by random cascades. While the longest of animations take 3 - 5 seconds to unfold, cascades can very well go up to 10 seconds and beyond, which is a huge deal in terms of titan time. Of course, random cascades are not as often met as ss animations, but, when they occur, lots of precious time is wasted.

I agree. That was the reason for the phrase almost similar request.