[New Feature idea] Deeper mechanics in Alliance Wars: a complete proposal

@juzekxx02 Being in a beginner alliance, you should be faced with other beginners. With multiple points of entry, it would take way too many strong players to block you. See the explanation below.
To force you to attack 1 strong players before reaching a strong target, they would need to cover A6, C6, E6, so it would take 3 strong players. To force you to attack 2 strong players, they would have to cover A6, B6, C6, D6, E6, A5, C5 and E5, so 8 strong players. That is already more than most beginner alliance could handle with the current system. To force you to attack 3 strong players, they would have to cover A6, B6, C6, D6, E6, A5, B5, C5, D5, E5, A4, C4 and E4, so 13 strong players, and so on. With the wall technique, it takes X-2 strong teams to force a team to attack Y strong teams, where X=5Y. So you’d be alright. :wink:

@KingArchur I considered that, but ultimately it would make war too easy. My current alliance could without a doubt manage to go through all 6 teams of some players with a proper strategy (waiting, plus 4 resets). With the current system, we easily do 2 resets each war. If the 4000tp team disappeared once beaten, we’d maul the opposition, and the opposition would maul us right back.

@pfabulousmumma I disagree. Attack always have the advantage. I often take out teams with 600 tp more than my attack team even with the war aid. If you struggle this much, take a look at Jimme and Zero’s infographic on raid team architecture, perhaps it will help you (second one).

@jzinser Thanks for the support! I haven’t had time to update the OP yet, I’ll come around to do it eventually. In the meantime, Kerridoc had the same question. Here was my answer:

@NDarkNS Thanks for the feedback! I like the idea of B1 and D1 “sensitive spots”, but I’m not a fan of reducing the timers with progression. It would make resets a bit redundant, and most of all it would give too much advantage for blocking the bridges with strong teams. With my proposal as it is, I think other strategies are viable (only blocking two points of entry to really secure the leader’s position, leaving a wing weaker creating checkered or criss-crossed patterns of stronger and weaker teams to even out the board and make progression painful all around, etc.) Diversifying war strategies is really my goal.

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