New Favorite What If: Killhare & Jean François

Suppose I activate Jean Francois’s Seal of Fire. This includes the detail where my team’s defense skyrockets instead of getting reduced, should anyone try to afflict such a heinous ailment.

Then second, I activate Killhare! She deals 300% damage to the entire enemy team, but gives the rest of my squad -20% defense.


You know the rest. Sounds like fun to me. :slight_smile: The only potential holdup: Killhare’s -20% defense penalty is “undispellable.” Undispellable effects can still be blocked, right? I’d be countering the effect before it applies, not dispelling it?

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Already discussed. JF’s Defense Flip will flip Killhare’s Defense Down Ailment.


It’s a nice idea, but given you have to get about 8 tiles of two different colours it is probably a bit more situational than it seems

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But much more probable if you run the two in a Rainbow offense because RNG won’t know what tile colors to withhold.


Works with Lepus and other Bunny Defense Debuffs too.

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Yep, it’s a beautiful scenario

It could probably work with say a JF tank and killhare flank. Also, on offense, you just need to fire off JF and get tiles to fire killhare in the next 4 turns to get the buff - granted, sooner the better. They could work in a 3-2 stack.


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