New fastest (not most efficient) place to get XP?

I’ve been online long enough to recognize trolling behavior. I do not have time or interest in engaging people who are compelled to express negativity to strangers online. Are you one too? You could save me some more time …

Driving up views? LOL. YouTube is not a job for me. I do not notice if I get 5 views or 5,000 views. It is a hobby. I spend plenty of time making the videos where I explain things in detail. If we really need summaries on 5-10 minutes videos the world is in a far worse state than I thought.

Yep! There are a couple of option on there. Enjoy!

Oh my, that is pure evil. Someone seeking compensation for their efforts. How dare he!


Why I don’t have the Forever option? :thinking:

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You’re right. Most people I know who post things to YouTube or any other social media don’t care one bit about views, comments or reactions. :rofl: Good one. You do see your contradiction, right? “I make videos and post them for people to watch…” And at the same time “I don’t care about clicks, views, etc”.

Make the vids and don’t post them, if thats your hobby and like making them. Clearly, you’re seeking attention. And that’s the whole point of the comment from the person you’ve blocked.

If you would have also included the stage you farm and “see the vid for further info”, you would have gotten a lot less flack.


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It is not a contradiction at all. I make the videos so people can watch them and I am not concerned with how many actually watch them. I am interested in quality of views/interaction, not the number of views so I am not “driving up views” as you say.

Are you referring to the stage in thumbnail? :slight_smile:

I don’t mind flack as it helps me ignore/delete people that having nothing to offer. Like I said, I am not interested in quantity, but quality of conversation.

That said, I appreciate being well informed on who I can ignore next.

I can see these points.

I still feel you blocking a dude for bringing up “we could use a tl;dr” is a pretty extreme reaction for someone who it doesn’t look like you interact with much at all. They way it looks, one person sees what you are doing differently than you and you shut them out.

I’m just the outsider showing you what I see. If that’s a problem then “the world is in a far worse state than I thought.”


Great way of thinking and analysing XP farmin @JekylandHyde! I also saw your video with other suggestions for XP farming (per flag / per loot ticket).

I have a question about maximizing XP farming per time strategy.
This strategy have sense only for people that have (buy) a lot of WE flasks. Is that right?
If I am not buying WE flasks it wont make sense to go with that strategy?
For me is better to go with XP per flag strategy?
I am level 81, and all the monthly flasks that I get (about 20) I use on AR farming.

This is a question not so about me, but about all the players that are not buying WE flasks.

Good videos. Not something I’m up for doing, but fun to see how the other people live. lol. As for the negativity? Block away. Some people do find too much to be mad about. Save the anger for things that matter. Block em, be happy amd keep doing you.

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I have been following you since January (after starting playing myself in January) and I have to thank you for I have learnt a lot from you. You seem like a very smart guy and your curiosity (and opportunity to access so many heroes and experiment different stuff in the game) helped me and many other players.

I do remember though that in one of the first videos I saw from you, you were criticizing Anchor’s attitude. I don’t remember all the specifics, but what I remember you were mentioning something like he was not open to other points of view and very much focused on himself etc.

I am sorry to say that I have noticed this exact same attitude increasingly from you in the past months which also led me to follow you less and less despite the fact that you still produce quality content as probably Anchor has been as well.

I agree that you are attacked undeservingly quite often because you’re spend a lot on the game (I don’t say pay to win because I think that also in your case like in the case of many others, your skill is as important), but I find that when you engage with other players you tend to dismiss any kind of critical view unless it is from people you know (of) already and have an established reputation. Of course how that view is expressed is also important, but from my point of view the fact that some of the criticism is not addressed in a thoughtful manner does not mean that maybe there is not something to think about about its core.

Of course, in the end you are not obliged to listen to anyone like others are not obliged to agree and listen to you. But if you disliked so much Anchor (whose main “fault” in my opinion was trying to be commercial as you try now), it might be worth to reflect that some strangers on the internet start to see you as you saw him.


I beg to disagree, trolls are trolls. We may not need them (the videos) but they are informative and therefore save us time. How much money do you actually think he makes from them via this forum? Zero would be my guess as we can’t like his videos directly from here.

Get a grip people, please? Can we get back on topic? It’s not a big ask…


Some youtubers are flooding this forum with mediocre content, and put them in threads were they are off topic. If they overdue it I think its ok to remind them friendly to create rheir own thread to link to their youtube channels. Others are well known for entertaining and/ or informative content. @JekylandHyde provided a lot of informativ content for the community, and like the mentioned Anchor, did more for this community than most commentators. If I dont have the time or the interest to view his latest video , I dont do it, but why comment negatively?
I think this game should provide fun and distraction, this forum should be a place for helpful exchange and friendly banter, not for flame wars.
If every content provider is trolled or hated this forum will become a barren place…
And remember its ok to not call others ugly names and to spread a bit of positivity arround.

Happy gaming


The selection window scrolls down to show “forever.”

Correct. XP per time is only for those that are flasking to keep farming going. If I was I only working with the flags accrued hourly and or the occasional flask, I would looking for XP per FLAG efficiency. I would also use Loot tickets on the highest XP level completed to maximize those.

Thanks and agreed. I have blocked plenty here. The conversation here is about the game. As soon as they make it about me (or whomever they target) their intentions are obvious. Thank you.

Thank you for this.

This is not accurate. I have many critiques of Anchor, but him “not being open to other points of view” was definitely not one of them. As he publishes inaccuracies, I have found that he corrects them once confronted with the evidence of the errors.

This is pure irony. This entire post came from a video that I created based on a viewers suggested of a better place to farm XP quickly. I apologized, I believe twice, in the video for not recalling their name.

I have not made my channel the circus that is Anchor’s. Beyond including advertising, which is how YouTube functions, I have done nothing of the sorts Anchor does to commercialize and generate income.

The_Seeker - Although your post here is much more thoughtfully laid out, it is still a troll. See the topic of this thread in the OP? Your contributed nothing to the conversation on XP farming and are no more of temporary distractions to those that are having that conversation.

You are no better than those that you claim undeservingly attack me because I spend. You are still choosing to spend your time criticizing a stranger on the internet and that will always say much more about your character than mine.

Don’t like my channel? Don’t watch it.
Don’t like my posts? Don’t read them.
Don’t like me? Click Ignore.

Full disclosure: I’m sure it is above zero as the ad revenue is generated via views, not likes. What is the actual amount? I have no idea, but it is certainly not funding my life style. :slight_smile: It is an appreciated compensation for the time and energy used.

Thank you @Gimliv


The definition of a forum according to google is: “a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged”

Indeed, the way people deliver and exchange these opinions and views can be improved. But the expectation of people that share an idea, perspective etc (Youtube is just a medium, the focus in on what you share there) that people only agree with them and to dismiss any criticism is an issue for me.

Basically you are saying “if you don’t like it, ignore it”. From this perspective, why do you or others reply to the opinions you/ they don’t agree with?

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So you don’t have a problem to talk like this about Anchor, but you have a problem when others are not polite with you.

You call me a troll because I criticize the way to respond to criticism and dismissive with people that don’t agree with you and you are just confirming what I said.

“Don’t like my channel? Don’t watch it.
Don’t like my posts? Don’t read them.
Don’t like me? Click Ignore.”

Maybe you should practice what you preach. Don’t like what I write? Don’t read it. Don’t like me? Ignore me. But in relation to something you wrote earlier, the world is in a sad place since people only want to listen to what they like and feel entitled to receive only praise and never criticism.


100% Agreed. I am here to talk about the game. Why are we still talking about me? As indicated in my last reply to you, nothing you are posting has to do with the farming quickly for XP. It is all trolling made clearer and clearer by each ensuing post.

I do not go onto his YouTube or his posts and comment about him—I have challenged his premises, grading, game-related facts, etc. Regardless, I certainly didn’t bring him into the conversation here.

No, I called you a troll because this thread is not about me. It is about farming quickly for XP. Clearly you have nothing to add to that and are only posting in here, in my thread, in order to insult me. You are not challenging my game play, you are not critiquing my game strategy. In fact, you are not even discussing the game at all.

This forum is here to discuss E&P. As you have so clearly pointed out, that is the purpose of the forum so why are you so fixated on me?

100% agreed and done!

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You did not :))) Maybe you will do it from now on.

So criticism is an insult. I am only talking about you since you shut down anyone with a different opinion about your post being useful for the average player.

I looked at your post, I saw that it was not applied to me, so I moved on. But then I saw you being dismissive to those that were calling you out and were actually focusing on how useful your XP farming is for others. And for me the forum is a space of dialogue, not only of self-promotion.

But apparently I am a troll for calling you out for your behaviour. From what I’ve seen so far you don’t have a problem to insult people yourself, but you feel gravely insulted when you receive criticism from people that are not in your interest to please.

“This forum is here to discuss E&P. As you have so clearly pointed out, that is the purpose of the forum so why are you so fixated on me?”

I am not fixated on you, I just raised objections on the HOW you discuss E&P issues.

“I do not go onto his YouTube or his posts and comment about him—I have challenged his premises, grading, game-related facts, etc. Regardless, I certainly didn’t bring him into the conversation here.”

I also don’t go to your youtube channel anymore since you made clear that you only like praise. But this forum is a space for all players and I have not seen in the rules stated somewhere: you are not allowed to criticize posters, you are only allowed to sing praises to them. For me your attitude goes against any values of open communication and this is what I am criticizing. You cannot actually discuss things and go in depth about something (E&P and XP farming in this case) with someone that rejects it from the start.

(Sorry for not using the quote function for all the paragraphs, but I don’t know how to do it)


I wasn’t having a go, I was trying for people to get some perspective. I didn’t name names but there are people far more worthy of criticism imo. None of it is any of my business either way. Take care and keep doing what you do. :slightly_smiling_face:

As it happens, honesty is the most important character trait I value in people above all else.


I took no offense sft1965! I just didn’t want to misrepresent the situation. That is all! As you say, honesty is important.

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And some of us learn better from reading, we understand that you don’t get any monetization from people reading the forum though.

I hardly think what I said was rude and yet it provoked such a strong response. Must have hit a nerve :man_shrugging:


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