New fastest (not most efficient) place to get XP?

And some of us learn better from reading, we understand that you don’t get any monetization from people reading the forum though.

I hardly think what I said was rude and yet it provoked such a strong response. Must have hit a nerve :man_shrugging:


@JekylandHyde I have a question that isn’t relate to this topic but I really want to ask you. Do you have (or know someone who have) x4 Xnolphod, x4 dark mana troop and Odin or Khagan ? I really want to know if all x4 Xnolphod have +25% mana regen or more, can they loop forever ? and you can use Odin or Khagan skill as many times as you want. It should work in theory but not sure if it is really work or not :slightly_smiling_face:

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You keep doing you J&H. Don’t indulge the trolls.


  1. Doing these videos is for fun, it isn’t your job. So have fun. Someone wants a written account of a video you made to help, let them write it up themselves, or find someone else to do it. Jumping down your throat of why you did it and/or questioning intentions of driving up view count is beyond ridiculous. A YouTuber doesn’t have to do write ups if he doesn’t want to.

  2. People criticizing someone driving up viewer count to their channels is also beyond ridiculous. Criticizing content is one thing, not liking the person is also ok, but this is just wow. They should criticize every marketing campaign and add out there in the world. Unreal

  3. This taboo of people using YouTube to generate an income also needs to end. I honestly don’t understand it. It’s not on SGs terms of service that you cannot create content related to the game and profit off of it. And almost every game out there promotes their content creators because it’s free marketing for them.

Oh and if someone wants to question my intention here, I just posted a few videos after literally 2 years. I make no money off of it, they are not monetized. None of my videos are. And no, I’m not about to write up a transcript of my videos either. If you are interested in learning, watch it. Want to read it, find someone who wrote it up or do it yourself. Critiquing me/or anyone on not writing it up just stinks of unbelievable entitlement. It’s sad


I have 3X Xnolphods so … not quite. haha. Fun idea!

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@Xero786 Thanks for all you wrote there. Thank you for being you.

As for this:

When I published the Empires and Puzzles Books, I contacted Zynga’s legal department to ensure they were aware of the product. Their response? “Okay” and they bought 12 copies :smiley:


:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I also make the calculation of this here

I hope you get another one soon. If it work, it will be very interesting video. :slightly_smiling_face:

And do you know if there is any other top player who have x4 of him ?

I do not know of anyone that has 4. I am the only one I know that have 3 and a couple that have 2.

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As @Xero786 said, just keep doing what you are doing as long as it brings you pleasure @JekylandHyde

IMHO you and @Mr.Spock post the best content out there on YT, especially when you work together.

It’s great to see the two of you, with such different approaches to the game, working together with such mutual respect. :pirate_flag::skull_and_crossbones:


Thank you! Much appreciated.


My goodness. The amount of berating someone for working to share his experience for the value of the community is shocking. We’re not driving Lamborghinis folks! Plus, it’s free content anyways.

If you want the info then watch the video. But the entitlement that what someone worked to present to you isn’t in the most convenient form for you personally is a bad look for anyone.

And for all the supportive people—that are present in much greater numbers than the entitled trolls—you are appreciated more than you realize :heart:


Thanks again @JekylandHyde for another contribution. When not doing avatar missions, I usually farm S4: 10-7 N.


You are welcome! :slight_smile:

LOL, speak for yourself :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


FULL DISCLOSURE It was a one-day rental … well, more accurately, a 6-hour rental. haha


I have shown my support numerous times to both you and @JekylandHyde both in comments and likes. But what is shocking to me is the inability of content providers (free to a certain extent, since in some cases you need to pay time to watch adverts) to deal with criticism. Maybe these content providers should should put a disclaimer that they want to live in an echo chamber so some people that actually care about meaningful discussion do not engage them.

Every communication has two parts - content and form. Apparently someone is a troll if they dare to comment anything about the form and the content creators are entitled to hostility if they don’t like the feedback they receive.

Good to know :)))


@JekylandHyde I got the idea that you might be able to loop Xnolphod with only x3 of him in the Magic Tower. There is some bless that boost mana regen and make all heroes get mana when any heroes use skill. I think it is possible when you have those bless at level 2 of each and you might also need Odin with good amount of yellow tile :slightly_smiling_face:

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That is a very interesting idea!

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I deal with criticism on YouTube 50 times a day. And speak for yourself there buddy…

E&P and Spock, Yall are awesome. Just wanna say that. SG should be paying yall.


If they dare to comment… lol. There’s also multiple ways to convey a message, without causing offense. Sadly, having to respond to comments like this…

The response wasn’t unkind, but actually quite helpful.

FWIW this whole thread was to inform the player community on XP farming. That’s what the thread title says - Why players have come to this thread to just criticise and nit pick, is beyond comprehension. :exploding_head::sweat: I don’t know how you do it @JekylandHyde and still stay positive.

I for one enjoy your videos, and the many ways you try to help / inform the player community - you do you! It’s evident from the responses you’ve already received, you can’t please everyone. I appreciate your work. :star_struck:


I wish!

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times. These types of commenters always say much more bout the commenter than their target. I always find it interesting how unashamed at how some people are in showing their true colors.

Secondly, I accept that those that can’t build often only free productive in tearing down.

Thank you. If some can find value in my efforts, that is wonderful and appreciated.


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