New family or families?

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Is this just going to unite all of the classic heroes from season 1 into one single family?

I wholly object to that on the fact that many of the heroes look like they belong in some of the other pre-existing families already.

Take Kadilen and Elkanen from Season 1, for example, they both appear in season 3, as boss enemies. They should be totally adopted into that green family that poisons their enemies when their health is low.

Friar Tuck and Little John should be adopted into a new Robin Hood family and a Robin Hood quest with new Heroes be made. I imagine Maid Marion being holy and the sheriff of Nottingham being Red Fire and Prince John being purple dark.

When in costume, Friar Tuck should be switched over to the underwild family because he now looks like he totally belongs with the Victorian era characters of the underwild story known as season 4.

There are three ice dwarves from season 1 that totally look like they belong in the Jotunheim family.

Misandra should be removed from the Lagoon family and be made part of a new pirate family that is alive instead of undead, and there are a few fire heroes that are dressed like Pirates already, either in vanilla or in costume or both. Marjana is the perfect example.

There’s a massive multitude of other examples I could present but there is only so much my phone can handle.

I already presented the panda bear bamboo family idea and the Safari family idea that makes use of all the African human and anthro characters, and of course there’s the orcs and goblins becoming a family.

There will be a single Classic family for all heroes.

Richard, Vivica, and Elena, should definitely be members of the same family though. A new family of their own.

But just as the dark lord, supposed head of the villains family, got to play a central role in a quest, a quest spanning an entire season, I think each of the other members of the villain family should at least get a rare quest of their own to their name where they play as the final boss.

Though I think the Minotaur member of that family should be a new boss enemy for a season that revolves around Zeus and the other land dwelling Greek gods, just a season 2 revolved around Poseidon.

It’s been discussed through the beta beat thread for a while that this was coming. All one family to assist players who rely mostly on S1 heroes to give them a boost.

Your suggestion of families splits things too much for players to have/use enough to get the bonus. Whereas what is being implemented is more beneficial

Duh, I know that. That is why I included a link to the post that revealed that in my first post of this forum.

And here I am objecting to that. :smirk:

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Back that certain season 1 Heroes have been getting salvaged and used as enemies and even bosses in later seasons shows that they can easily be fitted into that respective family.

Kadilen and Elkanen are excellent examples. They are from season 1 and so they have no family bonus, and yet they appear as the final bosses of season 3 region 30.

They would fit in just fine in the Alfheim family.

It’s nice that classic Heroes finally have a family of their own but it’s very bland and not as cool as the idea I was presenting. :grin: