📘 New Fables of Grimforest Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

I’m in a similar situation, so I’m personally waiting for Season 3, and just stockpiling gems from the best offers in the meantime.


@Gemela…20 caracteres etc etc

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I’m excited to see what the adjustments are on rewards! Can’t wait​:wink::+1:

My one 5* from s2 is mitsuko and tomorrow snow white makes her less useful on defense. She’s my tank. I have other 5s but ugh. Funny that they changed all this reflect dispel stuff like frida used to debuff her despite taking reflect damage but now mitsuko reflects it all. It was nice having a great hero for a bit. Luckily the rates are small and the new hero pool is growing so fast hopefully not many will have her or use her in front of other blues.

I haven’t paid attention in the previous Challenge Events since they went to 15 missions from 10. Are the first 10 levels the same color enemies? Also any idea when the 15 mission graphic might be available?

Here is one I found floating around. Usually @Mariamne updates them on this thread just after the event goes live:
🌟 Memento Challenge Events


Yeah, no boss wolf but got a few of the Fables heroes (Hansel and Pixie), and a few more vanilla heroes that I was missing.

I Had enough gems left over for a single summon and one of the vanilla healers that has eluded me for soooooo long finally appeared. Mr. Dapper Noble himself, Rigard. Oh, kinda forgot to mention Grimble #2


Great pulls. Lianna from coins and 10pull! :grinning:

Where is the family bonus :confused:


A humble 10 pull + coins.

Not going to overdo because I already got the hotm and don’t like Grimble anyway. So this is what I got…

My first Gretels! And a Pixie!

The only hero I’d be happy about here would be Snow, but even if I got her, she’d be waiting a year for scopes with my other blues awaiting ascension. So I’m gonna pause here. Not sure if I want a 3rd Grimble, perhaps I am still getting one from a humble 10 pull on Atlantis :face_vomiting: Ofc went 100+ pulls for Neith and nada…


I literally got 10 3* classic heroes in my 10-pull. It’s such bull crap. When you get that they should at least give you a pity draw…something! Give me a darn Skittleskull at a minimum!!! It’s so effing maddening that I want to throw my phone. Those Smal Giant a-holes probably read these posts and just laugh while rolling around in our money. Eff it…I’m done pulling. I’ll probably now read a post from someone who gets Snow White, Puss, and a Boss Wolf on a 10-pull (plus a couple HOTM).


It doesn’t seem to be showing up yet.

I’ve given the Small Giant Staff a heads up.


Had bit over 3k gems for this… so a 10x and little bit left over for maybe a couple more pulls…

10x was very meh… tho Kadilen is new, so I was happy after that… at least from a collector perspective! Decided to do the couple more pulls and woot!!! Snow White and Pixie! Definitely wanted Pixie, Seshat and Lady were really wanting Puss but I won’t complain about Snow White! Hadn’t thought too much about Snow, so not sure when she’ll start getting fed, but am juggling (unwisely I know!) Alasie 4^55, Grimm 4^20 and Valeria 3^18 right now… with Boril also 4^33 but he’s been sat there for months lol.

Looking forward to reading the Snow White discussions now she’s live, and reading some similar good fortune stories from others here!


56 pulls.

1x Leonidas
Metric fton of Pixies

Average. Nice to have the 4* :slight_smile:


I think it would be nice if when people show off a particularly good pull they say how many total pulls they have done to get it. Not since starting the game, but from that particular current summon gate. Otherwise, I think it gives the impression some are just lucky and some aren’t, which ultimately isn’t good for the community here.



That’s what I’ve been suggesting in the hero threads, e.g.:


I did a 10x pull on one profile and got Hansel and Pixie.

I did a two 10x pulls on my other profile and got Gretel and Pixie.

We don’t need to discuss the others!

I was happy enough to get the brother and sister even if they aren’t sharing the same game.


Those are the only 2 I realistically want. 45 pulls and nothing of note :unamused:

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This is probably what most 10 pulls are like.


It’s true. Did you change your name just for this occasion? Lol

Lotsa pulls, nothing of note (rather nothing new).

Next two 10 pulls got a pixie in each.