[NEW EVENTS] I will think of the name later, here's my idea of WHITE HEROES events

So, since this year SGG is introducing new events in monthly rotation. The goal is every event will have a replacement (Teltoc → Circus etc.), so each event will be available only once per year… But it’s not true. The year have 12 months, and we can have max 10 events (unless introducing new color tile, but this will mess with everything). So, what’s my idea for these 2 months? Brand new white heroes!

How would it work?

White heroes will hit each color equally, and will receive damage equally. That means, they wouldn’t be strong against any color neither weak against any color both in offence and defence. Also they will add their attack to each tile, so mono + 1 white = no longer 1 dmg tiles. Maybe they should add less damage to tile if specific color hero is in team, to add balance (because mono + 1 white would be little too powerful).

What about tiles?

This would be their special ability - they could be charged with basically ANY tile. You match 3 reds? You gain mana. You match 5 yellows? Also mana!
However, I get it could be little unbalanced, so all white heroes MUST BE Very Slow. Or even slower.

What about troops?

Each hero from event would come with a troop. 3* troop for 3* and 4* heroes and 4* troop for 5* hero. White troops could be leveled using troop of any color.

What about ascending these heroes?

White heroes would require all materials. For maxing 4* (or 3rd asc for 5*) they will require 1 cape, 1 orb, 1 trap tool, 1 hidden blade and 1 shield. For 5* finall ascention they will require 1 scope, 1 ring, 1 tonic, 1 tabard and 1 dart.

I’d say the best one would be something about Purity Knights for one event and Heaven’s Gate with angels for 2nd event.

So, what do you think about that idea? Would it work?

My friend, I do appreciate and applaud you for coming up with ideas. There is one small issue that you may have forgotten or did not realize. In today’s current Society if this plan was to go forward this would cause a political / racial nightmare. :scream:
Don’t forget we still have people who complain about the way certain Heroes look, could you imagine the bickering and arguing over something innocent like adding a new color especially it being white… remember today’s society over analyzes everything… :unamused::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


As Mistress_of_Shadows says, this is a poliltical / racial disaster. I would suggest a rainbow of all the colours we already have, but that would just be as bad from the LGBT point of view as using white would.

The idea itself isn’t that bad, but maybe a different colour. Gray/Grey (depending on how you spell it)?

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People would have a color issue with gray as well. Because technically they could say it’s a mix of black and white. I mean seriously there’s a way they can spin anything in today’s society. :flushed::weary: you could go plaid or striped :laughing:

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You are probably right about that.

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Personally I never understood it LOL this is a game people spend way too much time over analyzing crap I still remember when everyone went crazy about zeline and they actually had to put panties on her because some people got offended and thought she was nude… and sure introducing a new color would be great but like I said you have way too many people who want to overanalyze and nitpick everything. hell every time they come up with a new hero people dissect the hell out of it is it a man is it a woman ? what nationality are they ?how come this hero doesn’t have this nationality? LMAO introduce a color aspect in an event oh dear cthulu the servers will go down :laughing:

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I agree. Political correctness is all well and good but some people take it way too far. I once had a stranger yell at me in a clothing store because I was asking if something came in black, which I needed for a funeral!

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If you are worried about someone taking it racially, instead of “White”, why not “Platinum”, or some other color that denotes the zenith of colors? P.S., Platinum looks metallic white, so your idea is not lost. :grin:

There are other items that denote “high-ness” like “pearls” or “opals” or other things that do not have the current red blue green yellow purple color scheme. I’m sure you will discover them.


Yes but you might also have people that complain saying that gems are tiles and platinum is a raid tier so u can’t use it again for something else and will say the game is unimaginative. There’s no easy win in this fight. :laughing: :popcorn: somebody right now is probably reading this and getting all upset :laughing:

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@Mistress_of_Shadows @LouisaB75 @Rook Sorry, I am rather mathematical type of person, for me “white” is #FFFFFF, what means mix of all possible colors, while “black” being #000000 is no color at all. But I guess world is not that simple anymore…

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Black is one of my favorite colors…

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Having taken over 2 years to max 5 troops adding new colours at this stage would be the end for many players. What we need is new challenge events so they only play them once a year. It’s not hard to do just that the devs would have to work harder and come up with new ideas. If only they had an ideas forum which people could help with suggestions but if they did have such a page then they would have to work harder reading it.
Lots of good suggestions never see the drawing boards as the devs don’t read these pages.

The point of this idea is this will be “new color”, but no new tiles at all. They would be available only twice a year and you could achiev even global #1 without them, think about them as neat bonus, not anything neccessary.

Sorry, but I don’t understand at all, and Google Translate made very poor job.

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