New event's heroes- Fables of Grimforest ( reflect red )




And some HOTM

Fast mana
245% damage to 3 targets
Blinding -35% to 3 targets


@MikhailUlt :+1: thanks for sharing

Intriguing special skills :slight_smile:

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Rumpel looks like


Also Boss Wolf seems overpowered, bet they’re gonna nerf him before the release


DId you notice the “Very slow” part?
Not at all sure he is OP with that speed. also with such slow attack stat he is only a tank, and I think guin and ares might still be better tanks.


Now one thing is unclear, is Rumpel’s card random or do you get to pick it yourself?

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I think his special is random. It’s either Stars or Cross each time his special goes off.

There’s the skull one also :wink: and “draw a card” does indeed should mean random. But I want to be sure :smiley:


I’m not tester, I haven’t got clear information about this for now. In russian community said that special is random


But I can imagine 2 Rumpelstiltskin in defense.

  1. Debuff/buff
  2. Attack
  3. Profit

Edited: Or 3-5 in offence.

-34 defence on all enemies then 355% damage on all enemies. This sounds crazy on average speed!


Or you get the heal twice when on full health, or both decide to buff.
I think he’s kinda like the monkey we all love and hate and love to hate: Works really well sometimes, and sometimes almost makes you throw you phone into the river :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I can already imagine all the “Rumpel only drew X card for the whole fight” bug posts :smiley:


Except that two monkeys can’t destroy offence team in two shots

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First of all Musashi needs that Blind. Drake Lee needs a rename Long Lee ? idk Drake is boring

Rumpelstiltskin is a horrible hero with a gamble random 3 skills.

Boss Wolf with too many skill buff and you want to -54% mana for all enemies what the hell are you guys smoking up there in Finland? bad Ideas. AND NO ONE LIKES VERY SLOW HEROES. Please stop it!

If the developers miss the memo but wasn’t this event suppose to be Green reflect and like the other event Focus on the green hero to be 5* awesome?

AND I repeat the minions/foxes takes too much time and slows the game down. make them hit or heal all at once and with the minions that hit let them hit randomly if the player didn’t select a target. and if the target is not targeted/ selected let the minons hit randomly


OMG FOX MINIONS. Since my wife runs company with a fox mascot, this must be ours!!! Um. That mana protection looks like Guinevere better watch out, Li Xu should have less trouble because she can take out the cute little foxes. Little John will be useful both to bypass the adorable little foxes, LJ prevents mana gain, and to take them out wholesale.

Too bad we will spend all our money chasing Red Hood, Rumple is my favorite kind of card, makes grinding for trophies much more fun.

Finally a splash damage 4* hero. Yes, yes, I LIKE splash damage ( and also major healers). I consider them very versatile and considering the restriction on 3* & 4* ascension items, I will continue to like flexible attacks. Gretel and Hansel will also add more special control heroes, which are very useful in war, and challenge events. If not 4* heroes Gretel and Hansel would be useful for titans. But a LOT easier to get 4* heroes in the current game meta than a 5* hero ( let alone the one you want ).

Boss Wolf glad they made his mana sub specials non-dispell for player owned heroes, but is going to be a royal pain in the behind for challenge event Bosses ( especially stage 10 ) unless you score Hansel, Gretel or a current mana control hero. Time stops can be tricky to time since limited number.

On average Rumpelstiltskin’s special skill will do:

115% damage to all enemies which receive 52 damage over 3 turns
Recover 12% health for all allies
33% chance cure all allies of status effects
All enemies get -11% defense for 3 turns
All allies get +8% attack for 3 turns


Red Hood + Delilah on defense would completely destroy my raid attack team that focuses on a Chao/Little John combo to control mana. In that sense, I think she’s the best of the bunch. Rumpel and the HOTM look like they’d be pretty useful in certain situations, too. The others seem kinda meh.

It could be a good tank if flanked by a fast mana buffer hero as Sir Lancelot to “fix” his speed.

If they overload special skills is right to make them slower than “weaker ones”.

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Remove the riposte from Boss wolf, make him average and you have a hero. Similar to Ares really.

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