New Event--World Titan



This Idea was brought up by an Alliance mate of mine, Adar, in Heathens of Sparta and it seemed too good not to mention here. How about making a new weekly or bi-weekly event World titan that everyone could attack to defeat. It would be a competition with tiered rewards for participation. Once it is set up, it would basically run itself every time it is triggered.

The idea would be that a “Realm Eater” titan would arrive and everyone would have to team up to defeat the titan or drive it away. It could be a titan of one particular element or multiple elements combined. This is just a base Idea, so I won’t go into detail as I have none. What do you all think?


I like the idea but I struggle to see how to find a balance between frustratingly hard for lower players and a mind-numbing distraction for advanced players. Would it be feasible to have tiered titans like we do now, say 1-3* behemoths, and how to facilitate who fights which level? Would you base it on player level, where the specific titan is only viewable on a player-by-player basis, or run it on alliance score, where it requires x amount of alliances working together to bring it down?
Would also need to take titan flags into consideration; those in the smaller alliances don’t have much downtime between kills leading to ‘spare’ flags, so maybe some alternate form of energy, or a fixed amount i.e everyone gets 6 attempts over the space of a weekend.

I dunno, but you’ve got me thinking now, I’d be on board.


I think it’s a great idea and i want to change my in-game name in Mikasa.



What a great idea!! It could have near unbeatable health, just have a leaderboard and loot rewards according. Could be random loot too.


Yeah. As a 10* titan has about 3.200.000 hp, and shows up 1 per day per high power alliance, we could round up to something about 5.500.000 hp per day. So if the titan was bi-weekly 14 x 5.500.000 = 77.000.000 hp.
That x médium number of aliances that can really harm a 10* titan (lets say 80) = 77 x 80 = ~ 6.000

Finally, each 2 weeks a huge titan with around hp shows up to be killed in 2 or 3 days by the entire game.

I think it would be fun!! Moving from 140.000 damage on a 8* to 40.000 on the huge titan kkkkkk
Although I think it should demand another kind of energy flag or replace regular titans on the period.


My thought was more towards having “one shot” at it with the entire roster. Make up a team of 5, attack the titan in a timed fashion like now. Anybody that dies though is dead for that titan for the rest of the time that it’s up. SO maybe you run out of heroes eventually and gotta rely on other people to finish it off. Plus you get to test more heroes and have incentive to level up and use 3* and 4* even if you cannot max them out.

Haven’t thought of rewards much, but entire alliance scores / rewards would be nice, meaning, reward alliance over personal or individual scores which we get in the challenge events. Also disallow items use like raids.

would make it fun to have a world collaboration towards one goal. Make some titan stages to make it different over the week (titan gets different attacks depending on how much health is left) etc.

Run with the idea :wink:


Lots of great questions. I’d imagine that since it would be an independent uncommon event, that there would be “flags” associated with the event separate from the usual Titan flags. Even if I were a starting out player, I think I’d prefer just one level of massive titan even if it destroyed my entire team with the first blast. It would definitely give me something for which to strive. I like challenges though. Even if a very low level player did only 500 damage to the creature, it would be a contribution toward driving it away and the Heroes would have given their “all” for the good of the realm.

Having participation based on Minimum alliance score is an option as well. This would also give young alliances something else for which they could strive. Independent players not associated with an alliance would be left out of the event though, unless they found one to join for the interim.

Great questions though, lets keep this going.


Disallowing items? Are you a sadist?


This is a very interesting idea. One way to allow individual player participation at all levels is to set a time limit of say 5 minutes, once per day for 5 days as an example. You would do as much damage as you could in those 5 minutes, without using items that are already in short supply.

The titan could throw a series of attacks similar to those in other titans, but not as deadly as the current titans. You would need to counter with hero specials instead of items. If a hero dies, he or she reappears in one minute healthy. The attacks would be based on strength of team, perhaps a percentage like the revenge bar in alliance wars. New curses or hexes could be added like mindless attack, etc.

Scoring would be by total damage inflicted. Because the titan is massive, AOE heroes should get a substantial bonus over what a single hitter should do, perhaps even a sum of three or five attacks.


The AOE Angle is interesting as the Creature would be quite huge. Maybe it would cover several character spots and therefore be susceptible to more area of effect damage.