New event type: pvp ladder - battle event

I know we have raids and war, but an event where you are required to use rainbow teams, allowed to use any items you can craft, in tiers based upon hero tier


  1. One of each color on offense/defense
  2. 3* only, 4* only and 5* only arenas
  3. Given 30 total chances per arena, once they’re up, they’re up.
  4. participation award, 1 raid flask per tier
  5. 30-flag completion reward, 1 random flask, 1 random high-level battle item 1 random 4* loot item (gloves, compass, cape, etc), then food/iron/gems at normal random ranges
  6. Ranking awards similar to that of events
  7. ALLOW items.

I think a raid event would be very cool!

How would the heros be selected? From the pool we as individuals have? Or can everybody select whatever heros they want? But why restrict it to rainbow teams? And what about troops?

Not a huge fan of the “using items” part, that would just put another grind aspect into it.

Well, for one, you would select only the heroes you have in your roster.

That would be the point. Restrict to rainbow teams, and much like the events, restrict the troops to that tier only (2* for 3*, 3* for 4*, 4* for 5*) but not require one of every kind.

This WOULD EXCLUDE those who don’t have any 5*, but would be interesting to see people with 4 of 5 color 5* try to compete. It’s not impossible that they could still do alright.

Because it’s such a crap shoot with the boards, anyone can cry foul and say they have a bad board, which is why i suggest a total energy limit. Perhaps 10/day of the event. This energy limitation would prevent ‘cherry picking’ boards that are unfavorable, which many do in raids.

The items would help, which is the idea.

I also think that the item limits imposed in events should apply (ie: No tornadoes for 3* tier, etc)

Restricting it to rainbow teams would avoid the ‘stacking’ that occurs in raids which tilts it completely in favor of the attacker. Segregation of 4 and 5* would prevent the team from loading up on Jackal, Falcon, King Arthur, Panther, Evelyn to slay every team. It would be less skill, more luck, even if you depended upon the users hero selection.

People might squeak about “but I don’t have the heroes this is Pay to Play BS” but we always hear that and it doesn’t get more valid each time.

I would feel left out because after about 8 month of playing I still dont have a red 4*.

That would be cool except the forced rainbow attacking teams and usage of items. But if there’s a leaderboard based on who’s win/loss ratio is best with a minimum required amount of wins it could be cool.

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