[NEW EVENT] Prepare to face the Ninja Tower! 🏯

Ninja Tower is an all-new Event where the goal is to climb as high as possible in the Ninja Tower. Only the best can reach the top! Compete with other players & receive exclusive rewards based on your ranking at the end of the Event!

This exciting new Event is scheduled to run through 2020-10-14T07:00:00Z2020-10-19T07:00:00Z.

Meet the New Ninja Heroes & Troops!

Summon exclusive Ninja Heroes & Ninja Troops, only available from the new Ninja Summon & Ninja Troop Summon:

  • Ninja Heroes:
    • Garnet, ‘Ninja of Soaring Vitality’ (Fire/5*)
    • Onyx, ‘Ninja of Elusive Winds’ (Dark/5*)
    • Shale, ‘Ninja of Flying Vigor’ (Fire/ 4*)
    • Mica, ‘Ninja of Silent Screams’ (Holy/5*)
    • Jade, ‘Ninja of Dancing Stars’ (Nature/5*)
    • Cobalt, ‘Ninja of Whispering Seas’ (Ice/5*)
    • Ametrine, ‘Ninja of Hidden Blades’ (Dark/4*)
    • Sapphire, ‘Ninja of Leaping Shadows’ (Ice/4*)
  • 4* Ninja Troops:
    • Nunchaku Ninja (Holy)
    • Wakizashi Ninja (Ice)
    • Sai Ninja (Fire)
    • Bo Ninja (Dark)
    • Kusarigama Ninja (Nature)

All the new Ninja heroes form a new Ninja family.

New Gameplay Features!

  • Oni Stone
    • A new type of shield that appears on the Tower matchboard
    • Oni Stones will curse a random hero when it appears.
    • Oni Stones will explode three turns after it has appeared.
    • If it’s matched before the timer runs out the curse is broken.
    • If the timer runs out before the Stone is matched the Curse becomes permanent.
  • Oni Curses
    • All the Ninja Tower stages feature Oni Curses.
    • After obtaining two Curses, the Hero can’t be used in the Tower for the remainder of the event!
    • Heroes get Oni Curses if Oni Stones explode.
  • Blessings
    • Blessings are Buffs that help the Heroes in the Tower event.
    • Choose 1 out of 3 blessings every three Tower Floors.
    • Chosen Blessings will be active for all Heroes in all Floors of the Tower.

New Items!

  • Small Tower Energy Flask
    • Restores 5 Tower Energy
  • Tower Coin
    • Used for a free summon at the Ninja Summon. Gather 100 coins for one summon! This item is available as a reward from Tower Events.

Additional Information

  • Ninja Tower is available for players who have reached XP level 20
  • Stages can be only played once, so plan carefully!
  • Stages in the Ninja Tower are much more challenging than elsewhere in the game. Even the most powerful heroes with the best tactics will face very tough battles in the Tower!
  • This Event scheduled to run every second month

Best of luck in the battles, may the best Ninja win!


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