NEW EVENT or TOURNAMENT IDEA: “Calling All Heroes”

I would like to see an event or tournament where the entire roster is opened for every player who entered. You choose any heroes you want to compete with. This evens the playing field and relies on starting boards and skills and luck. You can still have reward tiers for top performers. I think this would work the best as a tournament ( maybe monthly?) and I believe will go a long way at keeping players who have grown bored with the game from quitting. Every player from level 1 to 200 would have a chance to win. So many ways to make this idea into something great!

To get SG interested, how would this generate money?

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You could have offers around the event and have a special summons portal. If we lost the Pirates event this is where we could have heroes like that be available. I think the aspect of keeping players interested in Empires and Puzzles with this unique event will be valuable in of itself. I think it has so much potential to be a favorite of done right.

Oh I know how, players can use heroes as ‘free sample’ only in 25 stages of nomal mode, after that in impossible mode they can rent them with a certain price, like what hum 5 gems/hero/stage?

After using them players may want to own them even more, here come a 30 pulls deal just like ToL where they can pull any from the batch :money_mouth_face:

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I did propose similar idea time ago ‘‘Last man standing’’ event.

Why I liked it is, the way it incorporates 3*, 4*, 5* together on battlefield :slight_smile: