New event "Mirrorfight"


„Empires & Puzzles“ Feature Idea

Feature name: Mirrorfight
Location: Alliance Wars (short AW) battlefield

Time: After the AW battles there will be this new event – in the meantime before the next AW starts. Time for the whole „Mirrorfight“ event is 24 hours.

Players have time to place a team (some hours similar to AW). If the team is not set (changed) by the player, the same team as in AW comes to action.
On the other side of the battlefield is a mirrored copy of all the teams from the entire alliance placed, to fight against.
Time for the whole „Mirrorfight“ is 24 hours. Battle will start with 3 attack points for each player. Everybody has free choice to choose a mirror target (like in AW). Battle is fought with the same artificial intelligence used in AW plus the opponent help (Healing, Arrows…). After 8-12 Hours each player gets additional 3 attack points.
The mirrored teams (played by the AI) do no attacks to the team on the lower battlefield – so only the mirrors get attacked by the players .
Important: For balance issues each player can only fight with the team which was placed on the battlefield during the preparation time.

Optional Mode: „Team Mirrorfight“
All teams on the lower battlefield (not the mirrored) have a counter with the number „3“ on it. Every player is allowed to choose the team he/she wants to play with. If a team is chosen for a fight to a mirror copy, the counter is reduced by one. Every player has 3 attacks, and after 8-12 hours the player gets additional 3 attack points plus the counter goes up 3 points to every team. So every player has 6 attacks in sum, and every team can be used 6 times in sum.

With this 6 attacks (in sum) the players have to defeat 4 (maybe 3 or 5 – depends on beta testing) complete mirror sets of the whole team. Each set must be defeated completely before the next full mirror set appears. For each set a random opponent help is given to the mirror AI.

If the goal is reached and the team can defeat the given amount of mirror sets in 24 hours there is a Win Price (similar to AW). There should be a price for loosing too (similar to AW) - It is on to „Small Giant Games“ how big the price is.

The big benefit for „Small Giant Games“: Most of the program logic used for this new event is already available, so the work on programming and beta testing is low!
It will be a great success because everybody wants to compete a little bit to the own Alliance Members (Mirrors of them) – but here we do it with a common goal - defeat a few sets of whole mirrored teams for a price! It is no direct competition because of the random opponent help.
With the optional „Team Mirrorfight“ the players have the oppurtunity to play and test heroes they don’t have. They get a better „I want this hero“ feeling. And the players have a welcome variation which makes a better binding to the game.

I am convinced that this new event will be a very good part within the excellent game „Empires and Puzzles“

I remain Yours sincerely


Interesting idea, but you’d need to find a way to protect against players setting up a really weak defensive team so they could easily defeat the mirror. Perhaps you could copy the mirror defense teams from the previous war, or from each member’s raid defense.


If all place weak teams - all have to play against weak mirror Teams, so No balance problem here


If there are no rewards, I don’t see any issue. This would be an interesting opportunity to test defensive setups.


At least a sword or backpack :rofl: