New Event Idea / Suggestions

First timer here, but I’ve been playing for over a year. I had a couple of ideas that I haven’t seen elsewhere, but it’s always possible I haven’t read enough.

First idea:
New event: Running the Gauntlet.
Each wave is all bosses/heroes. The twist is that each wave might be a rainbow selection of heroes, but as the levels get tougher, they would be mono-coloured. Such that, say, stage 3 has 3 waves: 1st all holy, 2nd all dark, 3rd all holy again. Later, 3 waves mono blue, green, then red. Final stage would be one (or more) wave of each colour.
This would be especially challenging because you couldn’t necessarily select a mono team yourself in order to do the challenge. You’d have to select versatile heroes and heroes that have synergy across colours.
A more extreme version of this would be that you have a (near) infinite number of waves and your score/rank is how far you can go with one set of heroes before they all die.

Another idea which I think I’ve seen elsewhere is to have a second (and third) defence team for wars. This will force people to use a wider variety of heroes in defence where most vary their offence teams only.

Thirdly, I thought it would be nice to have something alliance specific. Either a war-style tournament within an alliance, or to have some kind of in-alliance ranking for the different scored events, so you can see how you are doing relative to your alliance members. You could even have a little prize (a flask, perhaps) awarded to the best performing player for all alliance (with a minimum count of 15(?) participants in the event. This would be to discourage creating single person alliances just to get this prize.)

Finally, if the goal is to make emblems more available (I think they said that in a recent update. They want this to make it easier to swap out heroes for defence), they can simply add another stage to the class quests, maybe including a 4-star trainer hero for the last level.

Thanks and sorry if it’s a duplicate!

There is going to be battles between allaince members in the near future

I think over time they will add diffrent features in the future let’s get the friend match sorted then things can be added
As for more events there the villains event coming up

It’s not really what you put but another event, some people say the calendar is full as it is.
Maybe a one day quest it be better suited then another event.

As for emblems that what’s the ninja tower is really about.

Thanks for the info. I didn’t know about the League of Evil Exes, err, Villains. Nice to know about Friendlies, too.
As far as having a full calendar or not, I don’t know. I like the variety of events. People can pick which ones they want to play or not. If they suddenly went back to the calendar from 2 years ago, I bet people would complaint that there isn’t enough to do. :slight_smile:

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