New "equipped" button working incorrectly

See screen shots. Note it’s inconsistent – sometimes it matches what it says, sometimes it doesn’t.

(I also noticed when I took these that it was difficult to get the screen shots, since bringing up the screen shot function closes the hero card half the time!)

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And where is the bug? Works as it should. When you press right and then equip, obviously the costume will be equipped. When you press left and then equip, obviously the original will be equipped.

I think he was talking about this. A bit confusing as to what is “equipped” with the 2nd one?

No, is not incorrect. C’mon guys, I already explained. It is equipped original hero. Equipped is not only referring to the costume. And in the second ss, right arrow is available to equip again the costume. Seriously, what is so hard to understand? :joy:

Ok, not going to argue but it makes zero sense. I’m mean is it really THAT hard to simply have an EQUIPPED/UNEQUIPPED and just leave it at that?

Could have been an option, of course. But I guess they want to make this safer. The player to see what exactly is equipping. That’s why the option “equip” is referring to original costume too. When I press left, I equip the original. When I press right I equip the costume. I don’t see how is this an issue :slight_smile:

Simple is always better. With the original Hawkmoon you’re not equipping anything? So why make it seem as though you are? When you place the costume on her you are Equipping something.
Especially since not Vanilla HM and costumed Hawkmoon say the same thing? Just seems rather off to me. :man_shrugging:t3:

She has a costume either way; she’s not naked :rofl: The original costume and the new class costume. Anyway, for me does make sense and I would have designed it the same way. Like I said, it is safer. Because you must press twice to choose the version you want.

I guess we will tend to have differing options :wink:

So the arrows are just for viewing the hero with the costume now.

Hitting the equip button will actually assign the costume to the hero.

Makes sense.


Yeah, I had to hit mine a few times too before the costume stayed on. Then it was the same thing getting it off. I was about to panic.:scream:

It is pretty clunky but arguably better since it comes up with a confirmation that it’ll change every version of that hero. It’s a step in the right direction.

Right, but the real benefit is that you can now level the unequipped option without accidentally equipping the unleveled costume in your defense teams.


Now I’m think of that 3rd Naked option…


Hmmmm, interesting feature idea

My head now hurts…that is all :grimacing::roll_eyes:

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It makes no sense to me. Equipped should mean the costume is on. That’s what I would assume. But it says equipped sometimes with the custome on, sometimes with the custome off. When I get it to switch pictures, it sometimes says equipped, sometimes it doesn’t. When I press the "equipped " button, it sometimes changes the picture, sometimes it doesn’t. I have NO idea whether what’s showing in the picture is what’s actually “equipped” or not.

I don’t even understand what people are trying to explain. Is what’s showing equipped if and only if it also says “equipped”? Or what? Nothing makes any sense. It’s just totally inconsistent and nonsensical.

Whatever is showing in the card in the Roster (e.g. when you first tap on it) is what the hero is CURRENTLY wearing.

That look is also what is shown as being “EQUIPPED”.

You can change it to the other format by hitting the toggle arrow & tapping the “Equip” button. Then the NEW LOOK will say “EQUIPPED” & the card/roster image will reflect this look.

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Costumes seem to be designed for 2+ costumes per hero.

So the current GUI would deal with that.

Between Crit troops, mana troops and costume bonuses, I would have preferred an overhaul of the entire roster GUI.

The GUI is now several years old and never designed for crit bonus, mana bonus and healing bonus.


There is evidence that it will lean towards additional costumes in the future. In the Costume Chamber it says something to the effect of “Permanent Bonuses Stack” indicating that down the track if you have 2x costumes for say Bane, he will get double the Costume Bonus


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