New England Titan Hunter <> Just created <> 400 cups

My alliance leaders and most of the group were gone for more than 365 days, finally had enough of taking them on myself. I play daily since December of last year. I’m on USA east coast time. Open invite for any one looking.

Hey =) Rather than start from the beginning. How about come join us at Squirrel Brigade =). We are all active - we have an enforcer who keeps the stragglers out. Fighting 8/9* titans. 50/50 in war really. Let me know What you think. We have one person leaving and looking to fill a spot.

Thank you for the offer, I already created it before I posted it, be a waste of 50 gems. If fills up great, if not, its a place I can fight my own titans…not like the titans chests are really giving much these days anyways…All the best.


Also I dropped the cups from 1000 to 400. Open invite to all.

I’m in squirrel brigade and from new england, so we could be friends :slight_smile:

Titan loot is noticeably better on 8/9*. Can you guess where we are? :slight_smile:

I’ll say…Vermont?

Open to anyone interested in joining…happy thanksgiving to all.

Still running, feel free to drop in, still very new, but active leader…meaning, myself… LOL.

Greetz to all.

You are welcome to join the Bards of Hel. We are a small group of 17 but only 2 weeks old. We could use another strong active player.

I’ll give it a shot…says invite only, how do I get in?

Our alliance is up and running and hitting between 1 and 4 star titans. Always looking for more. I can’t seem to edit the title or post, but I’ve turned off cup requirements.

Stop by, we’ll be glad to have you.

We are pretty laid back, but most participate regularly. Life is always more important than any game, so we keep that pressure type to a minimum. Hope to see you there.

Just an update, we are getting to be a pretty strong as an alliance and have 17 members (as of this writing). We have promoted 3 people to Elders rightfully so for their contributions. We are focusing on ensuring every member has a voice and we also act as a teaching alliance. No we are not shooting for the top of the leaderboard, but we are now in the 4 and 5 star titan range consistently.

We are almost near 6 star titans. We are always looking for new members who feel they want to be part of a cohesive team.

We’ve changed the name to New England TitanHunters.

Entry is 200 trophy cups so for any regular player doing all the normal things should have no problem with entry.

Come join us!

We have about 14 slots left, gear up and join us… :slight_smile:

An update, we have had a very stable group of warriors working 6-9 star titans, we have at last check 11 slots or so left. We are looking for additional warriors…come on in and check us out…we are a pretty chill group and everyone is daily active. Come join us!