New Enemy Protections in wars

When I look at the war screen, there is a plus sign on the enemies side of the tug of war bar. It shows they will receive 20% healing. How do I select something for our side? It is there and just not visible to me?

I believe it’s intended to be the same rule for both sides - that’s a notification of what to expect rather than a changeable option.

I am not positive but I think it is as Paulon said, it applies to both teams, and it replaces the arrow revenge attack. Instead of the offense getting blasted with arrows when the revenge fills, the defense team gets 20% increase in HP.

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Agree with the above.

Remember it only works on defence so you won’t see the effect on you own teams while fighting.

So to be clear, not only are the first 21 of their players stronger than our top player, but they also get an extra 20% revival? This should be fun

No. It means the arrows were taken off and to replace them the enemy heroes will receive 20% heal when the bar fills.
Actually it will make attacking much easier. Just play smart and without getting rammed by arrows you can kill their heroes even with extra healing. It’s not revival.

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Luiz is right. Healing only for the enemy .

And when they are attacking your defense team, you get the healing

Yes. Your def team got the healing when the bar is full

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Ok. Thanks guys!!!:heart:️:heart:️

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