New endless wave event

Since SG is in the new content mood, please add an endless wave event. This would break up the routine of only going fast mana/ high attack heroes for the current events since they are timed events.

An endless wave event would create utility for minion heroes, healers, tanks, resurrection heroes, etc. players with the highest score based on monster killed and how long they stay alive would get the higher ranking. Let’s make it happen!

More events would imply even less duration or removing of other useful events.

That specific event could be endless unless you make enemies instakill and forbidding battle items. That would be too RNG. It also would be disappointing to be fighting for 1 hour to get GARBAGE.

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Items would not be a barrier as you would run out at some point. The developers can make it so that the enemies will get progressively tougher that you would not last long (think titan level).

I’m fine with removing or shortening events. Like this alliance quest did not need to be 4 days. And taverns can be shorten as well as costume event. Those events can be completed in less than 48 hours

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Many games have endless waves and gamers aren’t playing an hour straight. The enemy over powers you after 5 - 10 mins


I would like an event like this =)


I’d really love to see a challenge type event where battle items aren’t allowed


That’s great, please vote up

Voted up =)

Thank u.

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Yeah, that would be interesting :+1::+1::+1:

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The event doesn’t have to be long maybe a day or two

Sounds not too dissimilar to an existing idea:

Thanks for link. That post is several years old. Hopefully the idea doesn’t fall on deaf ears

A titan without time would be nice too.

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