New empires and Puzzles copy

Theres an open beta of a game that is identical to empires and puzzles but based on chinese culture.

If any mod can help me . Is It better to public here the name ? Youd rather Contact me in private to obtain the link and proves ?

@zephyr1 @Petri @Guvnor @Rook

Thanks in advance !

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Is it called Mythwars?

Nop , its another one . I think its new.

This is the three star they give you at the start

Same ability then Bane.
The purple one they give you too . Its the same ability then layla


Not surprising. China doesnt respect intellectual property unfortunately.

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Its the same game with a different story and graphic its the same tutorial, the same heroes with another skin and another name .
I dont know if its from china i have to see in Google play . Its based on china but idk where are the devs from

“They” say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery whoever this 'They" is


You can look up the developer of the game. See where they are based out of. Post the name and I’ll look it up. Doesnt matter to SGG

Ok perhaps it does matter to them, unfortunately not much they can do about it.

FingerDance Games are the Devs.

Here some pics.

Wow. What a total rip-off of Empires & Puzzles! I think one Match 3 game is good for me. I’d never be able to spend time with my family if I played other games too.

I dont know if telling to the devs about It works but i feel i should tell them . Its absolutly wrong , to me what they do with an idea that is not their idea.
You can decorate It , you can add some new things but the bases are the same .


Well you can no longer pay for gems via the App Store on MythWars so it seems perhaps Apple has responded to SG and clamped down on the intellectual property rip off that game is.


Awesome!! And 20 characters

It looks like it’s a Facebook game because Google Play doesn’t offer it.

Indeed an adv took me to the game an hour ago.
I dont remember what game i was playing but the link went to Google play

I tried searching for it by name, developer, or key terms, and I can’t find it. Not that I would download it. Just curious to see if it was.

Its under a similar name , not exactly the same in Facebook

I dont know if its right to post the image of It on Google play it is not in my will to publicity this rip off

I hear “they” always say…things?

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