New Emblems for Levelling Up?

A new member of the alliance wondered if she gets more badges, she is at level 10?

Are you referring to getting more WE flags? Not sure about badges :woman_shrugging:?

See here… XP per player level requirements & rewards

Emblem, druid, barbare, paladin

Oh emblems for the different hero classes… :smile:

Lol - you don’t get emblems for levelling up. See the thread I’ve linked above.

When they started with emblems, you got 50 emblems, the question is whether that was why they started with the emblems or if everyone at a certain level gets 50 emblems?

I think I did start with a few emblems when I started my alt account. Remembering, earlier in the month every player was gifted 50 emblems of each hero class as part of the Oct 2020 balance update as well.

They recently gave every player 50 emblems of each class as compensation for the changes made to some of the existing heros. This had nothing to do with achieving a certain level.

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IIRC… players who started the game after emblems were introduced, and before maxing out their first hero (by maxing out, I mean fully ascended with 8/8 special), do get an in-game mail that gives them a handful of emblems to start off with.

But… I don’t know if they are still doing that or not. Was just something that happened to a few of my alliance’s newer players a while back.

Had nothing to do with player level. They got the mail when they finished their first hero.

That’s something I didn’t know! Everyone in my alliance has been playing since before emblems

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I’m not sure if it still works, but that’s what happened for our members who joined after emblems were added. As soon as they leveled up their first hero to max, they got a little tutorial thing telling them how to use emblems, along with a batch of starting emblems. Don’t recall exactly how many they got… first thing I told them though was to not put them on their 2* heroes. :laughing:

IIRC, those of us who had joined before emblems were released got a mail full of emblems when they were first introduced.

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