New Emblem Quest Challenge

Maybe one class next time? Or Mono, Girls only, Boys only team or must have same 3 heros as final round plus whom ever?? Heaps of things we could try.
Costumes only.


That one is very interesting. Though could be kind of restrictive for some rosters(mine for example :tongue:)
Though its kinda of achievable if we mix 3☆ , 4☆ and 5☆


Mono and rainbow sound fun, but for it to work for me I would need to use 3, 4, and 5* heroes for sure … probably lots of :crossed_fingers: :laughing:

Single class is neat too. I realized this last trial I used 4/5 fighters. That trial with wizards and shamans will need carpet bombing, no doubt.

Some other ideas I had:

1 - No dupes (no duplicate heroes per team)

2 - No proteus challenge (only relevant to certain trials - yes, I am bitter :laughing:)

3 - Muchacho challenge! I will post my roster and you can only use the same heroes I have, feel my pain! (Kidding)

Great ideas, keep them coming. :+1:



Actually could of done a All same class red mono 4* team


Report out of Trials 3 to 6 for me - Survival, Piety, Decimation and Nature.

My original plan is here

and reports-out for Mysticism and Serenity are here

that’s 6 down, 4 to go!

General thought: Serenity and Nature were surprisingly easy. Mysticism and especially Decimation surprisingly tough. Hunch/guess: the bosses have stats similar to the normal heroes… and Mysticism and Decimation have Ulmer and Balthazar (and the former has Quintus), who do hit pretty hard.

  1. Survival (Barbarian + Rogue)

Finally went with Grimm 1, Grimm 2 (the Brothers Grimm!), Danzaburo, Li Xiu, Scarlett. Grimm 2 comes in to double the strong color.

  1. Piety (Cleric + Monk)

For the first time, went with my original plan. Rigard / Hansel 1 / Hansel 2 / Valeria 1 / Valeria 2. I love all these heroes so much more now. Double mana control, double Very Fast heal steal and DoT… whee! Finally made this trial not-so-annoying!

  1. Decimation (Fighter + Wizard)

Proty 1 / Proty 2 / Kiril / Hu Tao (strong color vs. two bosses) / Caedmon costume

This was surprising tough - those bosses have strong slash attacks!!! Closest I’ve come to failing a trial in this challenge.

  1. Nature (Druid + Ranger)

Second time I went with plan. 4/1 stack: normal Tiburtus / normal Melendor / Gadeirus / Jack O’Hare / normal Caedmon

Supported by some lucky tile cascades, this was fairly easy.

@jinbatsu inspired me to 4* Morlovia and it worked really well:

🎃 Return to Morlovia (Halloween) 2020 - Teams, Strategy, FAQs, Discussion, and Links – Starts October 26 - #145 by Muchacho

Now I am basically 4*-ing everything :rofl:. It’s a ton of fun.


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Am I too early? Can’t find the Trials of Strength thread lol



May not have made them for the next iteration

I’ll get onto them tomorrow sorry.

Edit: nvmd made the Trials of Strength one.


Sweet, we all have other things to do :+1:
But i did have a panic attack cos i smashed it :rofl:, 4 * challenge is becoming awesome.


Same! I took Ametrine out for a whirl and blitzed it


One part I like about this 4* challenge is the Gadeirus, Sumitomo, Lancelot, Danzaburo, Hu Tao and other rarely used hero sightings.

It would be great to see the rarely used HotMs people have like Thoth Amun, Proteus, etc. This is inspired by a conversation with some fellow FTPs. It’s unrealistic to say HotM only or something. I would also be eliminating myself :laughing:.

I was thinking of WHC (Weird Hero Club) challenge, which is a joke group I made with @Noble_Weasel because we used heroes like Ameonna, Danzaburo, etc. It is pretty subjective though. Like a use as few vanillas as possible or something? Maybe no dupes? :thinking:

This may just be getting too complicated too :rofl:. I probably used my two good ideas with 4* and vanilla challenges. Might be someone else’s turn to pick next (if we do one).

@sleepyhead maybe?


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i think you meant to say Perseus instead of Proteus for rarely used HOTMs? :slight_smile:

tsk this is tough. all 4* and all vanilla. cannot think of a grouping that restricts heroes but at the same time is accessible for a lot…

will come back after thinking a bit.

See, another reason to hate Proteus. He even infiltrates my subconscious!

Someone said mono class or mono color. That may work or be worth a try.

It may also be a matter of it ran its course and was fun, but anything else gets too restrictive or exclusive. :man_shrugging:


@Muchacho hmmm well let’s see how distribution works.

Mono color i think could be doable…

focusing on vanilla 4* and 5* as players are more likely to have them… and not yet counting the 3rd batch of costumes - even if players pull them in November it will take time to level them up (though we could revisit in a few months).

Mono color (i think this will be less restrictive - but let’s see. There should be at least 2 colors where a player can have a reasonable chance of fielding a mono team to make it reasonable…)

  1. Strength (Barbarian + Fighter)

Red: Gormek, Azlar, Elena, Boldtusk, Colen. only mono-color possibility here… I could do it, but maybe not everyone has Azlar and Elena both?

  1. Fortitude (Cleric + Druid)

Green: Elkanen, Lianna costume, Skittleskull costume, Caedmon, Melendor, Horghall, Kadilen. again, the only option… I have 3 maxed among these only

  1. Mysticism: Sorcerer + Wizard

Not a single color has 5 vanillas to fill this one up!

  1. Serenity: Paladin + Ranger

Not a single color has 5 vanillas to fill this one up!

  1. Survival: Barbarian + Rogue

Red: Azlar, Gormek, Elena costume, Marjana, Kelile, Scarlett

  1. Piety: Cleric + Monk

Yellow: Vivica, Chao, Leonidas, Joon, Li Xiu

  1. Decimation: Fighter + Wizard

Another no go! :frowning:

  1. Nature: Druid + Ranger

Green: Lianna, Kadilen, Horghall, Caedmon, Melendor, Horghall costume

  1. Shadows: Rogue + Sorcerer

Another no go :frowning:

  1. Justice: Monk + Paladin

Yellow: Justice, Chao, Leonidas, Li Xiu, Wu Kong

Conclusion: too narrow, will be too tough for most players :frowning:

Mono class (I think this will be tougher due to spread/distribution of vanillas)

  1. Barbarian - Azlar, Obakan, Gormek, Grimm, Little John, Elkanen costume, Richard costume

  2. Cleric - Elkanen, Vivica, Boril, Rigard, Lianna costume, Skittleskull costume

  3. Druid - Horghall, Kadilen, Caedmon, Melendor, Magni costume, Sonya costume

  4. Fighter - Elena, Magni, Boldtusk, Colen, Hu Tao, Joon costume, Sartana costume, Caedmon costume

  5. Monk - Joon, Leonidas, Boldtusk costume, Li Xiu, Wu Kong, Quintus costume

  6. Paladin - Justice, Richard, Thorne, Cyprian, Sonya, Tiburtus costume, Azlar costume, Boril costume

  7. Ranger - Khagan, Lianna, Chao, Tiburtus, Domitia costume, Horghall costume, Rigard costume

  8. Rogue - Domitia, Elena costume, Marjana, Kelile, Scarlett, Li Xiu costume

  9. Sorcerer - Quintus, Kashhrek costume, Sabina, Skittleskull, Isarnia costume, Kadilen costume, Vivica costume, Kiril costume

  10. Wizard - Isarnia, Sartana, Kashhrek, Kiril, Melendor costume

yeah, it’s gonna be tough. I have quite a few classes that will give me problems. Cleric and Druid have Fortitude together - for Cleric I only have 3 maxed (Rigard, Boril, Skittles costume) and a 2/60 Elkanen. Going Druid I have 3 maxed (Caed, Mel, Sonya costume) and a Kadilen 3/70.

So with this I will need a 3* to fill in the team. Doable, but not very easy or fun. Verdict: mono class won’t work for many players.

guess we have to think of other options…

@Muchacho we could do challenges for the rare quests? except they spawn every 10 days, so that could kill the momentum… but we could do mono color, mono class, all vanilla, all 4*…

or maybe a Raid challenge? we could all do it at our own paces, and easy enough to do in a few days. But what? all-vanilla raiding, and minimum 6 raid wins to pass the challenge?

If I look at my own mono Raid teams:

Yellow: Chao, Li Xiu, Joon, Wu Kong, Hu Tao would be my team… I don’t have any other maxed Yellow 5*s. urk. doable, though lack of healer hurts.

Red: Gormerk, Azlar, Elena, Marjana, Scarlett, Kelile, Boldtusk, Colen… ok this one will be easy for me

Blue: Sonya, Grimm, Kiril, Boril, Isarnia, 2nd Sonya/Grimm/Kiril. very doable.

Green: Caed, Mel, Kash, LJ, Skittles will be my team. Wow, I haven’t ascended a single vanilla Green 5*. but doable.

Purple: Tibs, Sabina, Rigard, Cyprian, Sartana. another doable one.

Yellow is the toughest of these for me, everything else doable.

I could go for this one.

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Yeah, I think the emblem quest accessible challenges are tapped unless someone else has a good idea. I LOVE the raid challenge idea. That sounds fun! See, that’s why I tagged you :wink:



haha! you’re too kind… now I wonder if I have to cup drop to be able to beat that challenge lol. especially Yellow

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Last four quests!! This covers Shadows, Justice, Strength

Links to the past posts:

  1. Shadows (Rogue + Sorcerer)

Stuck with the plan again. Sabina, Scarlett, costume Li Xiu, Danzaburo, Kelile. Also did it during a work call, so it was a but of a blur to me - the battle was, as usual, long and fairly uneventful as both sides have attack debuff and dodge. At least the bosses don’t heal, which prevents this from becoming annoying and tedious…

  1. Justice (Paladin + Monk)

Ended up using costume Boldtusk, 2x costume Tiburtus, Cyprian, and Wu Kong. First time Wu joins a class quest team…

And he was worth it. Helped me breeze through this with only one mana potion used to keep him alive (also, twice he hung on with like less than 10 hp). I’ll be bringing Wu a lot more in places where I can bring items (world map, quests, challenge events…) and the monkey king is going to get more emblems in the future!

  1. Strength (Barbarian + Fighter)

Boldtusk normal, Sir Lancelot, Shadereave, Grimm, Hu Tao

Shadereave was the MVP here, as my team all died - Shady resurrected a few, including himself. Won the match with two Draugrs left standing!

  1. Fortitude (Cleric + Druid)

Second time going 4-Green/1-Purple, the first time being Nature (Druid + Ranger). What can I say, I have a lot of good Green Druids…

Rigard / Hansel 1 / Hansel 2 / Melendor normal / Caedmon normal for the win. Plenty of power behind the tiles. Was considerably less annoying than it usually is, I should remember this for next time…

And with this, my 4* quest challenge is DONE! Kudos again to Muchacho for initiating. It was fun, and it taught me a lot of things: reminding me of the power of color stacking, and giving me new appreciations for Triton + potions and for Wu Kong.


And it’s done! Thank you to @Muchacho for initiating the challenge and everyone for their encouragement! Though I had used some all 4* teams in the previous vanilla hero challenge, this one still gave me some moments of angst during team selection.

Interestingly, getting the right team together was actually more stressful than the actual matches. I figured this was because I have more choice in 4*s and definitely more strategy came in vs plugging in my usual 2-3 eligible 5s and then building the team to keep them alive. In this challenge I focused more on complete team synergy and enemy counters. So building the team was stressful but the actual games mostly were smooth.

Another highlight was seeing 3s come out to play! 4s have long been touted as the bread and butter of any roster. But there’s so much special variety in 3s as well especially with costumes and season 3 heroes. I really loved seeing those teams. Standout was the team with 3 Bjorns. Can’t recall the player, the trial or the rest of the team, but those 3 Bjorns are unforgettable!

Here are my trial posts.

October 14, 2020

Trials of Mysticism (Sorcerer/ Wizard):

Sabina - C. Melendor - Almur - Skittleskull - Proteus

October 18, 2020

Trials of Serenity (Ranger/Paladin):

C. Rigard - C. Tiburtus - C. Little John - Buddy - Jack O’Hare

October 21, 2020

Trials of Survival (Barbarian/ Rogue):

Nordri - Grimm - Jott - G.Jackal - C. Li Xiu

October 25, 2020

Trials of Piety (Monk/ Cleric):

Mist - Wilbur - C. BoldTusk - Sumle - Gafar

October 28, 2020

Trials of Decimation (Wizard/ Fighter):

BoldTusk - Colen - Fura - Proteus - Merlin

November 1, 2020

Trials of Nature (Druid/ Ranger):

Gullinbursti - Caedmon - Buddy - C. Little John - Jack O’Hare

November 4, 2020

Trials of Shadows (Sorcerer/ Rogue):

C.Kiril - G. Jackal - G. Jackal - C. Li Xiu - Danzaburo

November 8, 2020

Trials of Justice (Monk/ Paladin):

Wilbur - C. BoldTusk - G. Falcon - Sumle - Wu Kong

Nov 11, 2020

Trials of Strength (Fighter/ Barbarian):

BoldTusk- Nordri - Grimm - Colen - Jott

November 15, 2020

Trials of Fortitude (Druid/ Cleric):

Rigard - Boril - Mist - Caedmon - Gafar

10/10 :smirk: Look forward to the next one!

While this was fun and games, I cannot end this post without remarking on the complete disappearance of the Emblem Quest Reset Token. :pensive: You are missed.


Thanks to everyone who participated and gave feedback to both this and the Vanilla Challenge. I think I enjoyed the 4* more, but it was great to break up the monotony of the emblems quests for a couple of cycles!

It also gave me an opportunity to get to know some different forum members who I otherwise probably wouldn’t have been on the same threads with :+1:

My hope going in was players, even lurkers, would see that even though most the discussion revolve around the rare, hard to get heroes that are admittedly great, the heroes in your roster are just as capable to get you where you need to go if you put in the work. I hope at least some people are less discouraged for not getting X hero.

Thanks again all and good luck out there!


PS I think @Robkirky1 was King of the Bjorns @Circe :laughing: