New Emblem Quest Challenge

Something without Ulmer

The team

Going into boss stage

Boards aren’t stacking up well

Looking better


No battle items used and at near full health when finished.


Just make sure to tag me when the next challenge is happening, and remind me that I’m supposed to take screenshots and only use 4* heroes. I am looking forward to posting my own embarrassing results!


Ah! Almost lost this thread. Took a bit of digging to find it. I will tag myself here as a reminder @TGW

I see the new emblem quest is up; I also see that those who have already posted their completed results are using 5* heroes.

Okay, I probably won’t finish the whole thing quite yet, as I have a war and a titan to focus on first…

Few questions just to make sure I don’t violate the rules of this challenge…

#1 is it okay if I use 5* heroes to autoplay the first 2 stages, as long as I manually play the final stage using only 4s?

#2 is it okay if I bring a few battle items to carpet bomb the final bosses? Or would that be breaking the rules?

#3 emblemed heroes are allowed too, yes?

@Muchacho tagging you since this was the challenge you proposed… your challenge, your rules.

Ayt,- here’s a report out for the first two! (was gonna do all 10 at once, but was updating the draft as I went along… then clicked on PUBLISH by accident and i thought, meh, fine… easier this way anyway, without the draft popping up every time i checked the thread)

  1. Mysticism (Sorcerer + Wizard):

finally went with Proty 2 +6 / Kiril / Kashhrek costume / Proty 1 +19 / Skittleskull normal
(dropped Sabina to bring in Kash for the boosted health)

Kash kept my Proty 1 healthy, and my middle 3 survived easily for the win!

  1. Serenity (Ranger + Paladin):

Finally went with: Tiburtus normal / Jack O’Hare / Cyprian / Triton / Chao
(dropped Boril costume and 2nd Tibs, in favor of Triton’s heal boost and Jack being strong color vs. Richard, plus defense debuff working well with riposte)

That was the right choice - Triton’s heal boost made my potions go a long way, while riposte on Jack meant Lianna suicided to her slash attack.

I thought this would be the toughest Trial, but I made it fairly easily - didn’t even need to carpet bomb OR use my titanium shields!

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Congrats @sleepyhead!

Since I don’t know whether or not Muchacho will be around soon, maybe you can answer my above questions to make sure that I don’t break the rules?

I am pretty positive that I could complete the event using all of the heroes I have available to me.
I am somewhat positive that I could complete it using only 4* heroes…
but I have above posted questions to make sure that I complete it fairly.

thanks for the tag and the congrats @TGW , didn’t see your Q before I posted (another reason I should just report as I go along lol, having the draft window pop up all the time was confusing).

@Muchacho just in case I get something wrong lol, but i’m pretty sure -

#1 - yup, logic is that the last stage is the hardest; so if you can beat it with 4s, you could have beat the 1st two with 4s. anyway, those completing the challenges only post the last stage as proof anyway (when I did the all-vanilla challenge, I only focused on the last stage too)

#2 - should be fine to carpet bomb, though I think the spirit of the challenge is to try and complete without carpet bombing if possible. I say, bring items to carpet bomb as a back up, but see if you can manage without. My Serenity try - I thought I would have to (hence why I brought Titanium Shields), but managed to do so without (I did use a couple Titanium Shields when I went with the all-vanilla challenge though!)

#3 - emblems are totally cool :wink: wouldn’t want folks to have to strip emblems just to play this challenge!


That’s what I figured. The first 2 stages are rarely challenging anyway.

I will try to avoid carpet bombing, or loading up on healing pots, but… I’d hate to waste 20 world energy just to get a bad board at the end… :laughing:

And yeah… I have emblemed most of my 4s… majority of them only have a few (mostly 4-7 each)…

If/when I do complete it, I will fully disclose any emblems or battle items used.

I wanted to clarify first since emblem trials cannot be repeated again like other quests.

EDIT / UPDATE: Okay, I already see right off the bat that I don’t have any viable red heroes for this event at all. Cool, cool. LOL. Autoplaying first level.

@tgw the last level is what matters for this or last level you complete. Some people don’t do all 3 yet which is fine.

Items are allowed and, in some cases, likely mandatory. In the first one I ended up using dragons and bombs as I was down to one hero. As you say, losing 20 WE is not worth it.

Lastly, again this is optional. No one has to do this.



I realize that. I have a fairly solid mixed 4 and 5* team for this trial. But I am also up for a challenge! A bit disappointed that I don’t have any decent reds for this one, so red stacking is not an option… but I think I can work around that.

I thought we were posting our 4* results here. The only ones I see are from Wednesday’s Trial and they are all 4*.

Are you seeing posted results of this challenge elsewhere and if so, where should I be posting? I’m planning on using Tibs, Costumed Rigard, Joon, Sonya, and Cyprian. All have 19 or 20 Emblems.
My team power is actually just over the recommended 4000 (4005) with these heroes. Need to fill my monster chest first and then will wait until I’m at 20 WE to do the last stage.

I don’t see any issue in auto-playing the first two stages with whatever, although it might be insightful to use your planned heroes to see if they are synergizing as expected.

Good luck

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The 4* results are supposed to be posted here. The other results were posted in the “master” thread (those who are just completing the event using any heroes they have), which is why I had to look up and revive this thread.

EDIT: Joon is not a 4* hero! Take that one out if you want your results to count.

@BigSlick @TGW we’re also encouraged to post our results in the individual Trial threads, as a way to spread the word and encourage more people to take part.

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The intent was to put it all in the master, but post where you want. It won’t hurt anything. More people see it in the master is all.

:beers: and good luck

All done.

C.Rigs - C.Tibs - C. Little John - Buddy - Jack O’Hare

Linky linky

Remembered later that I did this earlier as well with a full 4* team but a couple of different heroes. More the merrier :slight_smile:


I didn’t realize there was a post set up for each release of the Trials. Totally makes sense now. Thanks. We might consider adding a link here to the new Trial posts when they open.

Trials of Survival. I’m still in shock.


Nordri - Grimm - Jott - G.Jackal - C. Li Xiu

Full post here.

Edit: Last time’s team for the vanilla challenge with full 4*s - Grimm, C. Li Xiu, Scarlett, Gormek, Kelile

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Another close one. Trials of Piety 4* :white_check_mark:

4 down. 6 to go.


Passed on this one - no healers, and only two 4-stars with Emblems.
Even with Mist, I lost two heroes in the Boss stage with my 5-stars.
I definitely saved a lot of materials on this one :slight_smile:

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Hey all!

It’s been great seeing all the participation for the vanilla and 4* challenges. Seems like a positive community thing, so I was thinking it would be good to have other challenge ideas or a backlog. When the 4* is done we can poll and see what’s next, or anyone can do whichever (or none of course).

Let’s get the juices flowing and see what our brains come up with!

Tagging some of the usual suspects/partners in crime :rofl: @sleepyhead @Circe @jinbatsu @BigE1 @Mallix @Guvnor @Lexxtarc @BigSlick @Robkirky1 @Oliz (sorry, ran out of tags, nothing personal!)


  • Hmm Battle of Sexes? Girls vs boys teams?
  • Shooting myself in the foot here but Rainbow only teams
  • No battle item used (I’m regretting this suggestion already! :joy:)

I would have suggested 3*s but last couple of trials I’ve struggled mightily with 4s. I don’t think my heart could take attempting them with 3s!!