New Emblem Quest Challenge

Last four quests!! This covers Shadows, Justice, Strength

Links to the past posts:

  1. Shadows (Rogue + Sorcerer)

Stuck with the plan again. Sabina, Scarlett, costume Li Xiu, Danzaburo, Kelile. Also did it during a work call, so it was a but of a blur to me - the battle was, as usual, long and fairly uneventful as both sides have attack debuff and dodge. At least the bosses don’t heal, which prevents this from becoming annoying and tedious…

  1. Justice (Paladin + Monk)

Ended up using costume Boldtusk, 2x costume Tiburtus, Cyprian, and Wu Kong. First time Wu joins a class quest team…

And he was worth it. Helped me breeze through this with only one mana potion used to keep him alive (also, twice he hung on with like less than 10 hp). I’ll be bringing Wu a lot more in places where I can bring items (world map, quests, challenge events…) and the monkey king is going to get more emblems in the future!

  1. Strength (Barbarian + Fighter)

Boldtusk normal, Sir Lancelot, Shadereave, Grimm, Hu Tao

Shadereave was the MVP here, as my team all died - Shady resurrected a few, including himself. Won the match with two Draugrs left standing!

  1. Fortitude (Cleric + Druid)

Second time going 4-Green/1-Purple, the first time being Nature (Druid + Ranger). What can I say, I have a lot of good Green Druids…

Rigard / Hansel 1 / Hansel 2 / Melendor normal / Caedmon normal for the win. Plenty of power behind the tiles. Was considerably less annoying than it usually is, I should remember this for next time…

And with this, my 4* quest challenge is DONE! Kudos again to Muchacho for initiating. It was fun, and it taught me a lot of things: reminding me of the power of color stacking, and giving me new appreciations for Triton + potions and for Wu Kong.