New Emblem Quest Challenge

Report out of Trials 3 to 6 for me - Survival, Piety, Decimation and Nature.

My original plan is here

and reports-out for Mysticism and Serenity are here

that’s 6 down, 4 to go!

General thought: Serenity and Nature were surprisingly easy. Mysticism and especially Decimation surprisingly tough. Hunch/guess: the bosses have stats similar to the normal heroes… and Mysticism and Decimation have Ulmer and Balthazar (and the former has Quintus), who do hit pretty hard.

  1. Survival (Barbarian + Rogue)

Finally went with Grimm 1, Grimm 2 (the Brothers Grimm!), Danzaburo, Li Xiu, Scarlett. Grimm 2 comes in to double the strong color.

  1. Piety (Cleric + Monk)

For the first time, went with my original plan. Rigard / Hansel 1 / Hansel 2 / Valeria 1 / Valeria 2. I love all these heroes so much more now. Double mana control, double Very Fast heal steal and DoT… whee! Finally made this trial not-so-annoying!

  1. Decimation (Fighter + Wizard)

Proty 1 / Proty 2 / Kiril / Hu Tao (strong color vs. two bosses) / Caedmon costume

This was surprising tough - those bosses have strong slash attacks!!! Closest I’ve come to failing a trial in this challenge.

  1. Nature (Druid + Ranger)

Second time I went with plan. 4/1 stack: normal Tiburtus / normal Melendor / Gadeirus / Jack O’Hare / normal Caedmon

Supported by some lucky tile cascades, this was fairly easy.