New Emblem Quest Challenge

@BigSlick @TGW we’re also encouraged to post our results in the individual Trial threads, as a way to spread the word and encourage more people to take part.

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The intent was to put it all in the master, but post where you want. It won’t hurt anything. More people see it in the master is all.

:beers: and good luck

All done.

C.Rigs - C.Tibs - C. Little John - Buddy - Jack O’Hare

Linky linky

Remembered later that I did this earlier as well with a full 4* team but a couple of different heroes. More the merrier :slight_smile:


I didn’t realize there was a post set up for each release of the Trials. Totally makes sense now. Thanks. We might consider adding a link here to the new Trial posts when they open.

Trials of Survival. I’m still in shock.


Nordri - Grimm - Jott - G.Jackal - C. Li Xiu

Full post here.

Edit: Last time’s team for the vanilla challenge with full 4*s - Grimm, C. Li Xiu, Scarlett, Gormek, Kelile

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Another close one. Trials of Piety 4* :white_check_mark:

4 down. 6 to go.


Passed on this one - no healers, and only two 4-stars with Emblems.
Even with Mist, I lost two heroes in the Boss stage with my 5-stars.
I definitely saved a lot of materials on this one :slight_smile:

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Hey all!

It’s been great seeing all the participation for the vanilla and 4* challenges. Seems like a positive community thing, so I was thinking it would be good to have other challenge ideas or a backlog. When the 4* is done we can poll and see what’s next, or anyone can do whichever (or none of course).

Let’s get the juices flowing and see what our brains come up with!

Tagging some of the usual suspects/partners in crime :rofl: @sleepyhead @Circe @jinbatsu @BigE1 @Mallix @Guvnor @Lexxtarc @BigSlick @Robkirky1 @Oliz (sorry, ran out of tags, nothing personal!)


  • Hmm Battle of Sexes? Girls vs boys teams?
  • Shooting myself in the foot here but Rainbow only teams
  • No battle item used (I’m regretting this suggestion already! :joy:)

I would have suggested 3*s but last couple of trials I’ve struggled mightily with 4s. I don’t think my heart could take attempting them with 3s!!


Maybe one class next time? Or Mono, Girls only, Boys only team or must have same 3 heros as final round plus whom ever?? Heaps of things we could try.
Costumes only.


That one is very interesting. Though could be kind of restrictive for some rosters(mine for example :tongue:)
Though its kinda of achievable if we mix 3☆ , 4☆ and 5☆


Mono and rainbow sound fun, but for it to work for me I would need to use 3, 4, and 5* heroes for sure … probably lots of :crossed_fingers: :laughing:

Single class is neat too. I realized this last trial I used 4/5 fighters. That trial with wizards and shamans will need carpet bombing, no doubt.

Some other ideas I had:

1 - No dupes (no duplicate heroes per team)

2 - No proteus challenge (only relevant to certain trials - yes, I am bitter :laughing:)

3 - Muchacho challenge! I will post my roster and you can only use the same heroes I have, feel my pain! (Kidding)

Great ideas, keep them coming. :+1:



Actually could of done a All same class red mono 4* team


Report out of Trials 3 to 6 for me - Survival, Piety, Decimation and Nature.

My original plan is here

and reports-out for Mysticism and Serenity are here

that’s 6 down, 4 to go!

General thought: Serenity and Nature were surprisingly easy. Mysticism and especially Decimation surprisingly tough. Hunch/guess: the bosses have stats similar to the normal heroes… and Mysticism and Decimation have Ulmer and Balthazar (and the former has Quintus), who do hit pretty hard.

  1. Survival (Barbarian + Rogue)

Finally went with Grimm 1, Grimm 2 (the Brothers Grimm!), Danzaburo, Li Xiu, Scarlett. Grimm 2 comes in to double the strong color.

  1. Piety (Cleric + Monk)

For the first time, went with my original plan. Rigard / Hansel 1 / Hansel 2 / Valeria 1 / Valeria 2. I love all these heroes so much more now. Double mana control, double Very Fast heal steal and DoT… whee! Finally made this trial not-so-annoying!

  1. Decimation (Fighter + Wizard)

Proty 1 / Proty 2 / Kiril / Hu Tao (strong color vs. two bosses) / Caedmon costume

This was surprising tough - those bosses have strong slash attacks!!! Closest I’ve come to failing a trial in this challenge.

  1. Nature (Druid + Ranger)

Second time I went with plan. 4/1 stack: normal Tiburtus / normal Melendor / Gadeirus / Jack O’Hare / normal Caedmon

Supported by some lucky tile cascades, this was fairly easy.

@jinbatsu inspired me to 4* Morlovia and it worked really well:

🎃 Return to Morlovia (Halloween) 2020 - Teams, Strategy, FAQs, Discussion, and Links – Starts October 26

Now I am basically 4*-ing everything :rofl:. It’s a ton of fun.


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Am I too early? Can’t find the Trials of Strength thread lol



May not have made them for the next iteration

I’ll get onto them tomorrow sorry.

Edit: nvmd made the Trials of Strength one.


Sweet, we all have other things to do :+1:
But i did have a panic attack cos i smashed it :rofl:, 4 * challenge is becoming awesome.


Same! I took Ametrine out for a whirl and blitzed it


One part I like about this 4* challenge is the Gadeirus, Sumitomo, Lancelot, Danzaburo, Hu Tao and other rarely used hero sightings.

It would be great to see the rarely used HotMs people have like Thoth Amun, Proteus, etc. This is inspired by a conversation with some fellow FTPs. It’s unrealistic to say HotM only or something. I would also be eliminating myself :laughing:.

I was thinking of WHC (Weird Hero Club) challenge, which is a joke group I made with @Noble_Weasel because we used heroes like Ameonna, Danzaburo, etc. It is pretty subjective though. Like a use as few vanillas as possible or something? Maybe no dupes? :thinking:

This may just be getting too complicated too :rofl:. I probably used my two good ideas with 4* and vanilla challenges. Might be someone else’s turn to pick next (if we do one).

@sleepyhead maybe?


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