New Emblem Quest Challenge

Ayt,- here’s a report out for the first two! (was gonna do all 10 at once, but was updating the draft as I went along… then clicked on PUBLISH by accident and i thought, meh, fine… easier this way anyway, without the draft popping up every time i checked the thread)

  1. Mysticism (Sorcerer + Wizard):

finally went with Proty 2 +6 / Kiril / Kashhrek costume / Proty 1 +19 / Skittleskull normal
(dropped Sabina to bring in Kash for the boosted health)

Kash kept my Proty 1 healthy, and my middle 3 survived easily for the win!

  1. Serenity (Ranger + Paladin):

Finally went with: Tiburtus normal / Jack O’Hare / Cyprian / Triton / Chao
(dropped Boril costume and 2nd Tibs, in favor of Triton’s heal boost and Jack being strong color vs. Richard, plus defense debuff working well with riposte)

That was the right choice - Triton’s heal boost made my potions go a long way, while riposte on Jack meant Lianna suicided to her slash attack.

I thought this would be the toughest Trial, but I made it fairly easily - didn’t even need to carpet bomb OR use my titanium shields!

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