New Emblem Quest Challenge

It’s easy @TGW. Ideally take a screenshot of your team, some people don’t do pictures and write a list. Either way is fine. Then just a little write up when you’re done like some people normally do for trials on the applicable thread:

🔵 [Oct 11, 2020] Trials of Fortitude – Guide, Sharing & Discussion! - #23 by Robkirky1

Then, some people did a link in Community Content bragging thread to all of their trials for the challenge and said they’re done. I personally did not, but it was cool to see for those who did.

Some people just participated for some of the trials and some didn’t do the challenge at all. It’s supposed to be as fun and easy as you want it to be if you choose to do it :+1:. It is NOT meant to be over thought, like everything else I do :laughing:

@Noble_Weasel usually trial posts too. Maybe he’ll want in as a fellow F2P. Part of me wonders if F2P makes these first two challenges easier because it’s mostly what we use anyway? :thinking:

Have fun and stay thirsty my friend: