New Elements

Adding two new elements. Water & Air.
For upcoming chapters it would be nice to go into the clouds for new air elements and\or go into the ocean for water elements. Could be a chance to open up the board & have new enemies & new characters.

No if any more elements are added good luck making a combo with the tiles on the board.


Water is the same element as ice.

The trouble with adding new elements is the board. With 6-7 elements on the board instead of the current 5 the matches would increase in difficulty significantly.

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Agreed, I tried a different match-3 based game (the Marvel heroes one) and quickly abandoned it because setting up the board with 8 (?) colors was nearly impossible.

Instead of adding elements. How about adding two new boards? An under water board & an air board. Think of all the new characters there could be.

Expect more glitches . Good idea though

Thank you very much. Looks like we are getting a underwater board.

Thought the game should add 2 new elements color black could be sludge or oil type and white color could be snow . I think it’ll be cool to have new 3 4 5 star white and black new elemental heroes . Black element could have stuff like sludge damage or oil damage and white could be snow or ir frost damage . Didnt know if this was discussed already .

Imagine you have 2 extra shield colors on the board. There is no way you can play to match 3 of them anymore.

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Yes, see above (and with the exact same immediate riposte!). Always worth a search before posting :slightly_smiling_face:

You have fire and water, why not earth and wind? In wind you can have storm and lightning heroes. You really need a 5 named Brutus. Earth can be shockwaves and earthquakes, earthquakes damage all opposition heroes.

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