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This occurred to me this evening when I changed into slumming around the house clothes and pulled a white shirt and white shorts. So now that that’s out of the way it occurred to me we could have a 3rd element in the dark/holy to make it even with the fire/ice/nature. It could be white colored and the element should be lightning (please save all the moonshine jokes). How awesome would it be to have a lightning elemental? First off all has anyone ever heard of Raiden? Probably one of the most BA lightning characters ever. No I’m not suggesting Mortal Kombat cards (but that would be kinda cool too) but lightning heroes. Then Zeus could be lightning (if the devs went down the Greek Mythology road). So that’s my idea. What’s everyone think?

My only problem with that is the “story” behind the elements

Fire, ice, and nature…earth theme
Dark and holy… good v evil theme

I would probably go with a whole new set.

But I would have to end up caring against since the addition of another color gem would royally screw with the probabilities built into the gem. Think boards can be bad now? Add in another degree of complexity.


I used to think this would be nice too. Maybe orange as new color. There’s one open spot for a flag in stronghold too. However, the addition of a new color would make boards worse plus hero pulls would be changed and mats would have to be redone.
The Greek myth thing is being done in mythwars puzzles, a game that is an exact clone of e&p. Zeus is there but his skill is an exact copy of an e&p hero. Just fyi.
I think costumes might help based on what ice seen. Like lianna as a cleric instead of ranger with a secondary skill. Or isarnia as a sorcerer. It isn’t a new color but its new ways to see old heroes. The implementation still needs work but it is nice idea for hero variety.

Interesting idea with heavy impact on gameplay.

Do we need ascension mats for the new element? How new kind of ascension items would affect probabilities of getting them?
Do we need tiles for the new element? How the 6th color of tiles would affect boards and the number of matches? Same board size with additional color means less matches. Punishes color stacking.
Do we need to expand team capacity? With 6 elements and 5 heroes in a team, full rainbow team is impossible.
Probably it would be necessary to add many “new element” heroes to ensure elemental balance is preserved, including 1* and 2* heroes.
How would it affect strong/weak color relationship? Current yellow vs. purple would had to be changed. What about purple Hel special skill dealing extra damage to yellow enemies?

So many questions :slight_smile:

Ascension Materials
2500 Food, 1 Rugged Clothes
1st Ascension
17,500 Food, 1 Practice Sword, 1 Rugged Clothes
2nd Ascension
57,900 Food, 1 Training Manual, 2 Wooden Shields
1st Ascension
57,900 Food, 1 Rugged Clothes, 2 Wooden Shields
2nd Ascension
132,000 Food, 2 Sharpening Stones, 2 Wooden Shields, 3 Strong Ropes
1st Ascension
132,000 Food, 2 Sharpening Stones, 2 Leather Armor, 3 Arcane Scripts
2nd Ascension
273,000 Food, 2 Tall Boots, 3 Battle Manuals, 3 Scabbards
3rd Ascension
442,000 Food, 1 Compass, 1 Fine Gloves, 3 Battle Manuals, 4 Cryptic Flutes
1st Ascension
273,000 Food, 2 Tall Boots, 1 Fine Gloves, 3 Battle Manuals, 3 Strong Ropes
2nd Ascension
442,000 Food, 1 Compass, 1 Fine Gloves, 3 Battle Manuals, 4 Grappling Hooks
3rd Ascension
708,000 Food, 1 Damascus Blade, 1 Tome of Tactics, 4 Grappling Hooks, 6 Cryptic Flutes

Ascension Materials would be at the same drop rate as the other colors. As far as for the board and tiles I’d suggest when you pick your team to take into battle you’d still have 5 characters and 5 different color tiles. You’d have a choice though. Say if you took the white character and you didn’t take purple you could swap the white tiles in for purple tiles. This gives options and a whole new strategy. I think we could put the white into the purple/yellow and have it be like the red/blue/green but some wouldn’t like that we’re interfering with the good vs bad aspect. That’s something that would require a lot more thought. It was just something that came into my brain and I’d thought I’d share.

That would be cool. Although it would be chaos with the tile drop giving u a color.

What about orange. Then you could have a team of convicts… :smile:

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A suicide squad family :joy:

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