New E&P Quiz and Stats Site just started up, Go Test your your Knowledge

I would like to introduce a new website dedicated to E&P for it’s members to join, help us test it out and provide feedback plus ideas if they like.

The site offers quite a bit ATM but with many more features to come and get added daily. It’s also fully secured so you will find much more once your logged in as there are many features only available to logged in members. There is also a 2 step registration process which means once your email verification is done the admin needs to approve step 2 for you to log in which is usually done pretty quickly.

Currently The site offers!

  1. Both a community chatroom for all members and peronal chatroom directly to a members area. There you can upload images, video’s links and music also.

  2. From your profile you can control privacy settings, include your games stats and manage your account

  3. Then there are the quizzes which are created in 4 different levels, easy for practice quizzes, and then we have Rare, Epic and Legendary quizzes for those that want a challenge. New ones are added everyday at different levels.
    Unlike most quiz sites which give you the answer right away as we are making this a challenge with leader boards on the home page being displayed for the top 5 for each Quiz the Results will only be displayed at the end of each month, we will make some weekly and daily ones soon also. And to keep it fair you only get 1 or 2 chances to do each quiz which are also all time limited and will end when the time is up.
    I know! we are hard folks here,lol.
    Front page leader boards display the top 5 instantly so as soon as you’ve done a quiz and if you made the top 5 you will find your name there, as winners are also based on time which helps separate all those that get 100% which it then comes down to how fast you did the quiz which in turn determines the Quiz Master Winner.
    The idea is in the future as we gain interest is to be able to offer some sort of monthly rewards for quiz masters. But be sure these questions will test your skills and knowledge about the game, make no mistake about that.

  4. You can also upload your Event stats for all events as well as the teams you used for each event in order from left to right just as you played them in the game.

  5. We are also constantly adding other game related information daily so some things will not be fully completed yet but being added as we go. There is a lot to this game and a lot to take it all at once.

  6. Dedicated Video pages directly on our site, Currently you can send us your links and I will add them in with the mix.

WORKING ON! and coming soon are,

  1. Alliance Groups where you will be able to have your alliance members communicate as a group in chat, share images etc all privately amongst yourselves.

  2. Adding a titan score board where you will be able to add each different titans scores, flasks used, harpoons used titan level etc all from one place.

  3. daily quizzes added all the time

Remember this is just the beginning so we will appreciate your feedback and suggestions.
Site name is Ozy Gamer’s

Our goal is to provide a fully featured meeting place for alliance members and players where you can not only extend the enjoyment of sharing E&P stats, teams, images etc with friends but to also provide an added fun learning experience by doing quizzes about the game.



What are the “prizes”?

At the moment nothing, still looking into and open to suggestions. For now it’s all only new and will start to look into actual prizes after the first 100 or so start using regularly.



Great New Feature!
You can now also crate 2 types of groups within your account, 1 for your Alliance & 1 for friends Friends which will allow you privacy from everyone else for discussions, sharing photos, video’s etc and also place your own Alliances rules for all to see.

Coming soon is ability for each group to maintain their own Alliance Blog.

3 new members since the OP, that’s a great start, come join in.

You can

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Interesting, going to try it. Not generally good at quiz but what the heck, maybe i will learned some tricks.
Waiting to have fun.


Please come back with your views.

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