New device question


Hello, I have been playing on my iPhone 5s since release. I am currently thinking about upgrading my device, maybe even getting a phone that isn’t an apple product.

A question I have is what will be the implications of having a new device as far as E&P goes? As far as I know I do not use the cloud. Is there any way that I can use my same account I am using now on a different device in the future? If so, what would be the process?


Petri - What do you advise? I haven’t dealt with this yet.

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If you go apple to apple product, progress is saved through Game Center. Just log into Game Center on your new device. Make sure you know your login and password!

If you do decide to switch platforms you will need to contact . They’ll help you port your game over to android if that’s what you choose for your next device. :slight_smile: