New daily heroes

Would be neat to be able to get maxed level 1* and 2* (maybe 3*) trainer heroes included with the daily summon (Silver coin) as a chance to summon.

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And maybe get them through Training Camps. The Developers will figure out the rest. Give us some trainers. How Training Camps don’t have Trainers drops?


Probably because they’re already maxed, which makes them 1) great to use in a team if your just starting out and your heroes are lower in tier/level, and 2) more a reward for the grind.

thanks , but i’m not asking for 4* maxed trainers not that u infer it lol. 1*-2* trainer would be nice even if the drop rates in the training center will be extremely low. yes true that they are maxed but that is what trainers are maxed out and a nice boost for exp.

Agreed. Even makes sense from a story telling perspective. 5+ recruits go in for training and 1 emerges at varying degrees of greatness. So it would make sense for the occasional flop of none of the heroes being good enough to beat the trainer so the trainer steps forth or the hero amongst the recruits becomes a trainer. It’s all perfect.

Honestly what would make ENORMOUS sense would be to gain XP from every battle!

Never seen a RPG where the characters dont get xp fighting!! Every time we face monsters or raids, with the user xp should come heroes xp.


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