New currency and Hall of Heroes / Gold Mine

New currency and Hall of Heroes / Gold Mine

As I have mentioned in other posts, I am an experienced player on other match 3 mobile games, and I would like to introduce an idea that works very good.

The current currency is gems, which is purchasable with real money.
I propose we intorduce a new currency in addition to gems, lets call it GOLD, which is 100% NOT PURCHASABLE and is only accrued in game at a very low flat aquisition rate.
Gold can also be given out as a reward in small amounts (1 to 5 gold) at rare events.

The best spot for this would be at the daily summon you get 1 gold. This encourages players to log in at least once a day, and in a month will get 30 gold…which brings me to the new building ‘the hall of heroes’.
This building would be a store with items only purchasable by GOLD:
30 gold: guaranteed 4* or 5* (80/20% chance split)
40 gold: guaranteed 4* NON DUPLICATE hero
60 gold: guaranteed 5* (80% chance to be basic)
90 gold: guaranteed 5* HOTM or event hero
120 gold: guaranteed 5* NON DUPLICATE hero

If the non-duplicate idea is too difficult for the devs to code, then simply ignore those suggested tiers.
Access to each tier of these purchases would be depending on what level your hall of heroes building is.

A gold mine can be a new building that at max level mines 1 gold per day with storage 3 cap.

hmm, upon further contemplation the 5* %'s should probably be lower, and the gold mine should be more laid out like this:

Mine: 24hr recharge timer, chance to get either iron, a few gems, or 1 gold (percentages vary depending on level of mine, as well as the recharge time can also be reduced slightly - like at max level would be 18 or 20 hrs).

The Hero Academy is an officially announced building at SH25, however its not even in beta yet. If it is like the Alchemy Lab then it will just allow converting heroes to other heroes at the same rarity.
I suggest to @EmpiresPuzzles @Petri that in addition to hero converting the HA at higher levels should allow a more focused training like listed in the original post, and maybe require titan parts instead of gold?

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