New costume ideas

What would happen if an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? This paradox is precisely how I feel about new costumes.

While the majority of forum users have already voiced their opinion on this, I’m starting this thread because I had one slick idea and thought maybe others have had some too and I’d love to hear about them. Also, because I’ve accepted my place in this game - I have too much fun with what I’ve got to worry about someone else’s toys - and I’m not going anywhere.

Red Hood costume
Assassin of Grimforest
Dress her in all black instead, keep her holding a pole with a more ruthless blade on the end.
Deals 200% damage to all enemies.
Summons a fox minion with 7% health and 45% attack for all allies.

The idea of her foxes no longer being protectors but having a vicious bite creates a beautiful dichotomy between the original in my mind.


Natalya costume
Dark Magic Artistry
Dress her black with golden accessories

Burning Seal
Casts following ailments to 3 random enemies:

  • The target receives 352 Burn damage over 3 turns. This effect can not be cleansed
  • The target gets -18% mana generation for 3 turns. This effect can not be cleansed.
  • Deals extra damage against nature
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If you are make some S2 costumes, please think on Mok- Arr. He needs urgently a costume.

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I want to see Chuck Norris’ costume.

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He gets dressed up like Crocodile Dundee.

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i have no concept of my own but would be highly interested in what “viable” costumes players would come up with for Hel

in all of this, she is probably the one I’m most excited about personally

Queen of the dead, who stops everything, turned into some sort of life giving goddess?

All allies gain 15% mana except the caster.

Yin, yang.

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