New costume ideas for HotM

As the title suggests, this thread is for existing HotM that don’t currently have costumes. There are more than most can keep track of at this point but some of them are pushed into such obscurity simply because they aren’t just outdated, but they aren’t very good in general. With the intro of costumes, SG could change that, but of course, they’ll need our help, since our ideas are the best.

This list of heroes I’m about to create costumes for aren’t one’s that I own personally (at least not all of them), but one’s I believe need a costume to make them viable.

Delilah: she deserves to have a costume because she is the first black 5* this game introduced and the first average speed, team wide healer. This is her costume:

Atk: 689
Def: 882
HP: 1437

Special: fiendish temple guardians

•summons a temple fiend to all enemies.
•temple fiend does 40% damage to the owner each turn.
•temple fiend reduces healing of owner by 25%. This effect cannot be dispelled while the temple fiend is present.
•temple fiend disappears after absorbing 35% of the casters max health.
•while a fiend is present on an an enemy, all allies receive 15% health each turn.

Aegir: He deserves a costume because his originally released version wasn’t very good. He was eventually buffed, but it still didn’t help him considering to the rest of the heros being released around him. This is his costume:

Atk: 709
Def: 743
HP: 1498

Special: frosty undercut

•all allies counterattack with 100% damage reflected back at the attacker for 4 turns.
•all allies gain a moderate amount of mana for each counterattack. This effect is diminished with each successive hit.
•For each hit the target receives, the target regenerates 50% of damage taken for 4 turns. This effect cannot be dispelled.

Zimkitha (aka Zimkitty)

I just loved her when I had her and wouldn’t mind pulling her again. This is her costume:

Atk: 747
Def: 711
HP: 1567

Special: fiery pounce

• Cleanses all status ailments from all allies.
• All enemies take 450 burn damage over 3 turns. All enemies of the ice element receives extra damage.
• All enemies take 170% damage and a further 5% for every nature shield on the board up to 240%.


He was always lackluster to me. Never had him, nor have I ever wanted him, but with a costume and/or a buff, perhaps that may change. Here is his costume:

Atk: 704
Def: 856
HP: 1499

Special: Magician’s Madness
• Boosts the health of all allies by 400. If an ally has less than 50% health, the amount is doubled. Boosted health can exceed max health by 100%.
• All allies are immune to new status effects for 3 turns.
• All allies reflect all specials and status effects of holy enemy heroes for 3 turns.
• Caster and nearby allies reduce damage by 50% for 3 turns.


She’s still good, but I think this is true for most nature HotM. Here is her costume:

Atk: 801
Def: 753
HP: 1421

Special: valiant bullseye
• Dispells all buffs from the target and nearby enemies.
• Target and nearby enemies receive -40% defense against nature for 4 turns.
• the target and nearby enemies take an additional 50% damage for 4 turns.
• Deals 200% damage to target and nearby enemies.

These are the 5* costumes I would do and I strongly urge SG TO USE MY IDEAS. @Petri

Why bother? They do what they want. Dont even care about what we think

They have used several of the forums ideas in the past, might as well give them more ammunition.