New Costume Chamber || issue

Dear E&P,

You have now redesigned the costume chamber.

I have pulled on the first 1, and received 2 5* costumes I don’t have heroes for. Beside Joon I had a hero for.

Do I now get a hero for those 2 costumes as well?

Or I have to separately pull for 1?

Would seem only fair to adjust previous pulls and give heroes to already received costumes.



Remember how SGG decided to scrap the 1* and 2* tournaments some time ago? Did the people who spent all that ham and time to beef up their 1* and 2* heroes receive compensation?

I hope that answers your question.

Ham Is free. 4 X 10pull ain’t free.

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I paid for my ham with money, now give it back!

4 x 10 pull may be free as well, you may have been hoarding the gems, who knows.

Sorry, I am afraid they are going to ignore the issue here.

They could offer the missing heroes for 150 gems each.


I wouldn’t mind that as a solution!

I’d pay the difference from regular vs atlantis pull. For all 40 paid pulls I made.


The way I see it… simply giving you 2 5* heroes to match those costume pulls would not exactly be fair, because you did those pulls with the higher chances for the 5* costume, and lower gem cost. Re-doing those same pulls with the adjusted odds of the re-designed costume chamber would likely mean you would not get 3 5* this time, plus you would pay the higher cost. (But on the other hand you could’ve gotten the HotM.)

I’m not sure there’s a realistic way to “adjust” previous pulls in a fair way, and I would not expect that to happen. Paying the gem cost difference alone in exchange for the missing heroes would not be enough to achieve fairness, because you had the higher chance of 5* at play too and I don’t see how that can fairly and realistically be adjusted for.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I don’t begrudge you your heroes, I hope you get them actually… it’s just that this way wouldn’t be “fair”, just my 2 cents. And btw, congrats on pulling three 5* costumes, that’s probably more than most people managed, myself included. I’m sure the 2 missing heroes will show up in time… put some TC20s to work maybe? :sweat_smile:

Actually yes they did somewhat… not AMAZING but they gave everyone a Reset Token, didn’t they?


I don’t have TC20 hahahah.
All my 50 5* are from gem pulls lol.

Sorry but if you have to buy ham to level, ascend, or emblem feeder heroes

You’re playing horribly wrong


Lmao. They can take it back :rofl:

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5 coins for each grey costume.

That’s what I would do…

I don’t buy ham. I have 3x TC11 and TC2 running around the clock. Sometimes 2 x TC2.

All my farms are maxed.

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That’s why that response wasn’t to you lol

My other one was but it was already answered in one of your other posts so ignore

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Ain’t free gems if I have 100$ payment receipt just before I made the pulls.

Yeah I just saw that. Lol. My bad

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Have you ever met anyone who plays this way? :smile: :rofl:

@notyou87 you’re absolutely right. I don’t expect them to reimburse anyone in this case, though.

No. You won’t.

The previous costume chamber was much cheaper because you didn’t get the hero too… Now it’s more expensive…

A /= B thus you are not entitled to anything…

You also CHOSE to spend those gems for the costumes KNOWING what you were getting…

Not a bug or an issue.


I’m hopin not lol…

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