New Community Challenge


To spice up the map I figured I could extend what we do in my alliance to the entire community. Anyone can post there challenge here along with results. Purely for fun!

To start, here is our weekly challenge.

18-6 with an all Blue hero team

If you could only build a one-color team


Neat concept! Turned out to have a really coherent team in blue unlike green where my deck in that color makes baby kittens cry.

Picture spam! 18-6 all blue


Yes! Keeps the map fresh. Be cool even to have it as a game daily in-game for everyone.


Nice idea, I am going to try tomorrow, with mount Umber I am not sure if I get to it today. I think I can barely get a blue team together with 3 4* (not completely maxed) and 2 3*.


Just did it.


Beat 23-11 no crafts+one 3* on team.


No 3*'s haha, oh well. Not sure having Kailani who is tailor made for this one counts as a 3* just sayin :slight_smile:


Or no crafts :slight_smile: all for fun. I ran thru with gunnar but it took a few tries. Kailani stacks nice with Wu and joon. I did try taking Brienne with 2 healers. Almost made it. Be creative. Spices up the map for those who finished. This challenge is more end gsme fun.


Oh, going to try it later. How do I follow a topic, is that where the bookmark is for?


Yes, the bookmark lets you follow topics. You can find a list of your bookmarks by clicking your avatar (upper right), then clicking the bookmark symbol.


So much fun :grin:
You guys have a nice group.


Surprisingly easy. But I did get a lot of yellow on the board, so a bit lucky…


With The last challenge focusing on the end game, Lets remember where it all started. While 1* hero’s get no battle love, with Map 2 approaching lets remember where we all began. CHALLENGE: Stage 5-5 with any 1* level 1 hero’s of choice.

While we wait for map 2, this challenge focuses on our feeder hero’s who don’t get to see the light of battle. Good luck


As soon as I have at least 1 yellow 1* I am going to try this one. May take me a while, I have only 1 tc doing uncommon right now (one is upgrading and 2 are doing legendary training), well better than lvl 11 :wink:


Trainer hero is maxed.

Chitah! :face_with_monocle:


All my 1*s were lvl1 :wink: . I did use 4 minor mana potions, not sure if that was allowed? Don’t think I would have made it without using anything, lol.


That was fun. Thanks for posting.


Crafts are fine to use.

I used 1* trainer as a reflection of memory when some of us thought it was awesome when we pulled it. All to find out it was only for feeder purposes. Lol

:slight_smile: You are kindly welcome.


(I used two arrows and a few mini-heals at the Boss.) Used five 1*, lvl 1. Did not seek yellow heroes; used TC19 to speed make my 1* and these were the ones that popped out.